View Full Version : Another Furnace/Bell issue

03-01-2010, 14:57
I have questions about a specific scenario.

Skaven mirror match, unit with a Furnace/Bell gets flank charged by slaves, WLC shoots the furnace/bell unit.

Now a few things are clear:
-The Furnace/Bell are large targets so the WLC can see them
-The Furnace/Bell unit is in combat with slaves, so it can be shot at (with randomization)

However are the shots randomized between the Furnace/Bell and its unit as the Bell/Furnace is not technically engaged?

I think I'll be playing with "what's under the template gets hit" as it leads to less abuse but I was wondering what the actual ruling would be.

Ultimate Life Form
03-01-2010, 15:09
-The Furnace/Bell are large targets so the WLC can see them

I fail to see what bearing this has to the question at hand, but your post is a bit confusing so I may not get what you're asking about.

Templates hit models personally, as you already found out, as well as cannonball flight lines if I'm not mistaken. Randomized hits never hit characters or their mounts unless the unit is less than five models in size. All models in a unit are engaged in CC even if they're not in base to base contact, see the Slann.