View Full Version : Help pick a Noble? (Under 2k games)

31-01-2006, 23:49
Aight. Well I am interested in Wood Elves, but I have a bit of a conundrum; how should I build a Wood Elf Noble (generally) for under 2k gaming?

It seems to me that the following heroes set up would be REALLY solid, generally speaking:

Branchwraith (Cluster of Radiance, Wizard lvl 1, maybe Netlings if general)

Spellsinger (at least 1 dispel scroll, one of the Treesinging items, level 2)

Then a noble.

Now, my problem is, I'm not sure how I should build him :) A few ideas come to mind:

1) Alter Kindred. Arm him with Hail of Doom arrow, Helm of the hunt, Great Weapon, Light armor, Shield... hits as hard as a Treeman on the charge.

2) Noble on Eagle. Crystal Stone, Helm of the Oak, Great Weapon, Light Armor, Shield.

3) Noble on Horse (Only on horse for bonus save). Hail of Doom arrow, Helm of the hunt, Spear, Shield, Light armor.

Which do you think would be best in general gaming? I like the eagle idea, but the HoTD arrow seems to be a really useful item. Would it just be better to go with combat, and just rely on normal Glade Guard?

Which would be better, say, against these teams? (Probably will face these exclusively)

Any other ideas I haven't thought of? And I guess some of these MAY be based on what the rest of my army fields?

Lizardmen (mixed saurus / skink)
Bretonian (Not RAF thankfully ;))
Ogre Kingdoms (No idea).

Drake Dun
01-02-2006, 01:38
Well, the main thing I would point out is that heros wandering around on their own (not leading a unit) can be very easily picked up by magic spells and siege weapons. It looks like all three of your heros are designed for wandering around alone.

That said, #3 is a good one if you stick him in with some glade riders or something.


01-02-2006, 01:48
I don't even thinking joining him to Glade Riders would be wise... as Glade riders are generally flankers (if needed) or charge baiters. Plus the no armor thing :(

Lord Xcalibur
02-02-2006, 16:38
Your branchwraith and spellsinger are solid, but as you mentioned the answer really depends on what units you will be using.

What I use: no kindred with great weapon and light armour, hail of doom arrow. I put him (general) in my unit of eternal guard because they are stubborn with a noble, and because he adds great killing power to the unit. And the look on my opponents' face when that unit with only one longbow unleashes 3d6 arrows in a stand-and-shoot reaction.

I've had some success with alter kindred. He did kill off a wounded hydra and took out a stray mage.

Although Glade Riders function most commonly as flankers and charge baiters, I have often thought about fielding a unit of them with banner, musician and a noble general as a reserve contingent allowing the general to be anywhere.

Lord Xcalibur