View Full Version : 3000pts daemons VS VAMPIREs

03-01-2010, 20:26
ok so im playing 3k point agianst VC. i know he will take all the Von Carstein family apart from Mannfred and about 50 graveguard with drakonhoff banner and a unit of blood knights.

my list so far:

blue scribes 81

AoK firestormblade juggernaut BSB unholy victory 265

chariot Master of sorcery flames of Tzeentch 225

master of sorcery winged horror 165

level 1 165


32 horrors 384

10 horrors 120

15 plaeguebearers
fc banner of virtue 235

18 bloodletters 216


2*5 fleshhounds 350

5 nurglings 175


3 fiends 165

6 flamers
pyrocaster 235

2 blood crushers 140

so that a total of 2921 giving me 80pts to play with. i get with this army 13PD and 1 bound spell. i also have 8DD

03-01-2010, 20:29
hey Deamon lord - what other models do you having lying around the place? I'm just wondering if we have any room for tweaks to the list (include all your character models also, thanks).

03-01-2010, 20:57
well the models i dont have are screamers, deamettes and masque. i have more of the core choices and rare choices

03-01-2010, 21:24
I am running out of time - but some quick heads up

As a fellow Deamon player the lists I had the most success with were horde lists with magic - which is what your doing as you are not taking greater deamons.

1) Add furies - The greatest threat with VC is the sheer number of crappy direwolves & fell bats they can muster. By taking your own fliers you can combat those suckers, AND screen your own units from offensive magic missles.
2) Split the horrors up - it's better to have multiple units of horrors dancing around frying him with magic missles. In this case I'd go for units of 10 with standard and icon that gives them plus 1 to cast - now he wont be the only one spamming spells on a 3+!
3) Heralds - Khorne - give him the standard of sundering to make his casting harder. Tzeentch -yah ok so MOS is the way to go these days, but I'd rather take 1 with that, and one with power vortex - you need to put pressure on him in the magic phase - well, as much as you can as he'll have 2 level 4s!
Nurgle - give him slime trial, its cheap as chips but will save your butt if your flanked!
4) Rare choices - fiends, flamers - wicked! But if you have more of each take them over the crushers, 3 fiends are the bane of VC armies with their 12 attacks hitting on 3s, wounding on 3s, and for the most part leaving the undead with a 6+ save!
5) Core - Any more plague bearers or horrors?

The main issue you'll have is that you dont have enough of the right units for a game of this size, 2 fleshounds and nurlgings is great for 2250 or less, but you'll be missing the presence of more specials! A deamon prince or greater deamon might have given you some much needed combat with speed unit - but your herald of khorne can hold his own!
Actually, speaking of him....He's going to be your main combat character - it might be worthwhile making the nurgle herald the BSB as he wont be engaging nutters in combat, so that way if the herald of khorne pops his head you still have a BSB.
Wish you the best of luck - and kill his blooming castors one by one ASAP!