View Full Version : Lookin for Black Gobbo Article - Lost and the Damned

04-01-2010, 14:06
I'm looking for an old article from Black Gobbo called the Lost and the Damned. I think it was in issue 4.

It was basically a little skirmish game where you controlled an CSM aspiring champion, leading a force of beastmen, chaos knights, warriors and mutants. It was quite a fun little game which blended 40k and fantasy, based on the original Realms of Chaos books.

I've tried searching online for it without any luck and wondered if anyone had a copy of the pdf or knew where I could find it. I had it saved to my computer but I lost it when my computer crashed a while ago.

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04-01-2010, 15:25
I have the pdf but unfortunately am not on my computer. If by the time I get back to mine (who knows when) and you haven't been able to find/get a copy of the pdf I'll send you one. Until then happy hunting