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04-01-2010, 22:19
Ok, this is a list for an up coming doubles tournament. It does have a lord in it because the tournament rules allow for 1 Lord. Not really a fan of the rule but not much to do about it. I'll be partnering with a Wood Elf guy.


Obsidian Armour
Firestorm Blade
Immortal Fury


Skulltaker on a Juggernaught

Herald of Tzeentch on a chariot
BSB - Great Icon of Despair
Master of Sorcery
Spell Breaker


10 x Horrors
10 x Horrors
10 x Horrors

5 x Hounds

4 x Flamers

I believe it comes to exactly 1750 points.

Not exactly sure about the herald on the chariot. I was going to put him on a disc, but the chariot made him US 5 so if the enemy flees into him they are destroyed outright. Skulltaker to go in with the hounds and frontal charge while my Thirster flanks or rear charges.

04-01-2010, 22:39
I always found skulltaker to be over-rated. He's so well known that no characters will go near him.
As for the list - its about as hard bitten as you can get, not sure how to advise as you took pretty much all the solid stuff - combined with a woodelf....i hope theres a few teams out there who will be able to give you guys a challange.
As for the lord - if your not a fan of how they let lords be included in the tournment then do the right thing - DONT TAKE ONE! Stick to your moral code.
Easy as that! :D