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20-05-2005, 02:25
I'm getting back into Fantasy after a 40k stint (don't ask) and I'm looking at starting a Sylvanian army up. The list seems pretty fun to work with and model wise it allows for some pretty cool conversions, so I'm gonna start the army slow and go to 1000 and then if I'm enjoying, going up to 2-3000.

Here goes :
Heroes :

Vampire Thrall (General)
Heavy Armour
Great Weapon
Walking death
Total = 135

Vampire Thrall
Heavy Armour
Great Weapon
Wolf Form
Total = 110

Character Total = 245 2/3 Slots

Core :
25 Sylvanian Militia
Halberds, Light Armour, Shields
Full Command
Total = 275

30 Sylvanian Levy
Spears, Light Armour, Shields.
Standard and Musician.
Total = 255

5 Dire Wolves
Total = 55

5 Dire Wolves
Total = 50

3 Fell Bats
Total = 60

Bat Swarm

Total = 60

Core Total = 755 5/Unlimited Slots

Army Total = 1000 Points

Power Dice = 2
Dispel Dice = 2
Graver Markers = 2

20-05-2005, 07:15
Maybe wight hero and some grave guard (20model unit), drop down Sylvanian Levy and take wights:). You have many units of fast cavalry, its good. Otherside: nice list, but I will take grave guard...

20-05-2005, 09:00
My concern is that having 20 Grave Guard and three characters in 1000 points might be poorly received in casual gaming 'round these parts.

Thanks for the feedback though.

20-05-2005, 16:43
Nice list, not bad at all

only 2 comments, the first is your general with only a 5+ save, striking last, T4 and 2 wounds. He is just as easy to tackle as 2 levy.... I'd say give him flayed hauberk for protection instead.

Also, you you have weak flanks, nothing can really kill things that threaten your flanks well. Levy's do well enough when 20 big, besides, there is 2 bound spells to raise them as well. Some knights or a coach will fill this gap easily. Even if this means you have to drop your bat swarm.

22-05-2005, 11:33
I maybe give the general the talon of death. This is a great item and if you are on the attack is totally lethal as will kill off most rank and file in contact and wound some characters. Combined with Vampire attacks, (I would go add hw on foot as he is already str5) you should hopefully kill any characters on the charge. But for this I do think would be most effecive if the vamp was a a barded nightmare with a lance.

I would drop the bat swarm as they are terrible at fighting and you don't really have a mobile enough army to tar pit with only a single base of bats, same goes for the bats. 3 is the worse number for fell bats as you cannot autobreak war machine crew, 4+ or none would be my suggestion. IMO I would drop the bats and the bat swarm and 2 units of 6 dire wolves. But I do love my dire wolves, my 2000 point von castein has about 50 lol

24-05-2005, 22:53
drop the bat swarm, cut down the levy units to about 20 each (will grow due to grave markers) and get another unit. take 4 fell bats, and more wolves if possible (another unit for flanking)

27-08-2005, 00:21
not bad but you need summon wolves lots of summon wolves...

27-08-2005, 05:33
1000 points sylvanian just don't work very well, 1 oposisng mage and nothing will ever get raised.