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06-01-2010, 20:28
HEY, Im Starting Warriors of Chaos, Please Leave feedback on this list, positive and Negitive:

Chaos Sorcerer Lord: 235pts
Level 4: 35pts
Mark of Nurgle: 20pts
Armour of Morrslieb (4+ Ward vs. non- magic attacks): 35pts
Black Tongue (turn an enemy unsuccessful cast into miscast, one use only): 50pts
Spell Familiar (+1 spell): 15pts
Third Eye of Tzeentch (may use all spells known by an enemy wizard in LOS): 25pts
Conjoined Homunculus (add D3 to a spell, once per turn): 20pts

Exalted Hero: 110pts
Shield: 5pts
Mark of Khorne: 15pts
Juggernaut: 50pts
Chaos Runesword(+1WS, +1S, +1A): 50pts

Chaos Sorcerer: 85pts
Level 2: 35pts
Mark of Slaanesh: 50pts
2 Dispel Scrolls: 50pts

15 Chaos Warriors: 225pts
Mark of Nurgle: 30pts
Full Command: 30pts
Banner of Wrath(Bound Spell, Power Level 4, 24“ Range, D6S4): 45pts

20 Marauders: 80pts
Mark of Slaanesh: 10pts
Full Command: 20pts
Great Weapons: 20pts

5 Marauder Horsemen: 65pts
Mark of Slaanesh: 10pts
Full Command: 30pts
Light Amour & Spears: 10pts

2 x 5 HOUNDS

5 Chaos Knights: 200pts
Mark Of Khorne: 30pts
Lances: 25pts
Full Command: 50pts
Blasted Standard(5+ ward vs. all attacks done in shooting phase): 40pts

2 Spawn: 110pts

TOTAL: 1900pts

Johnny Sigmar
06-01-2010, 22:35
Heya m8, you've got a pretty solid framework for a list right there. A few quick comments on character items and marks though.

Unless you're married to the Mark of Nurgle on the lord you may want to consider Tzeentch, the +1 to cast would be useful, as well as the bonus to the ward save for the armor. Also many people find the Lore of Tzeentch very good on Level 4s as it gives a solid chance of Gateway which can win you the game with one lucky roll. If you like the nurgle lore I'd move it to your level 2, where it will still be very useful, Buboes in particular is an outstanding spell to cast on the two dice he generates. Also I think you're overpaying for the Mark of S on said wizard, you're paying 50 and I believe it's ten.

As far as magical items go, you may want to drop the tongue or take the puppet as well. They work well in conjunction with one another. Also I prefer the power to the spell familiar, but that's more opinion. Another option you have is to give the Exalted a flail(to me a Khornate champ on a jugg with a rune sword is a bit of overkill) and give the runesword to your Sorc. Lord in lieu of the black tongue. This will give him a respectable 4 str. 5 ws 6 attacks and can greatly boost your marauders on foot. Also consider mounting him on a steed to give a +2 armor save.

For Demonic gifts if you plan on getting your sorc. lord into combat consider replacing his gifts with word of agony(great for overkilling in a challenge against a unit champ.

Regardless enjoy your list and have fun, you can always make these tweaks at any point. One of the great things about chaos is that by painting up a few new characters or changing marks around you can alter your entire army's dynamic.

Regardless do what you need to do with the list, these are all just suggestions

06-01-2010, 23:26
I am going to say right off the bat that I do NOT play WoC but they are a common opponent of mine. I play wood elves (as my name implies).

My suggestions are to:

1) First go back and double check the rules about taking multiple marks in an army. I don't know if that's legal or not.

2)Why are you play a 1900pt list? That is a strange number. Please do tell.

3)I don't think that the second "scroll caddy" wizard is necessary and would maybe consider taking a second exalted hero on a juggernaut just so you can charge in quickly and get things underway.

Other than that this looks like a very solid and competitive list. If it doesn't work out, maybe you could try taking a couple of chariots because they are deadly affective.;)

Good luck.:)

07-01-2010, 01:42
Multiple Mark in an army is legal.

07-01-2010, 07:29
I like the list, but if you are wanting 2000 points I would suggesttaking the lances of the knights (with ensorcelled weapons you are strength 5 all the time, and have magical attacks, instead of strength 6 on the charge going back to 4 in round 2) and taking out the spawn, you now have 235 points, if you can free up 30 points (maybe make the warriors into 12 in 2 ranks of 6) you can get a giant with mark of slaanesh (always strikes 1st), which will make a 2k list

07-01-2010, 07:50
looks pretty good,

With your characters, when you go magic its good to go crazy magic like 3 sorcerors and 1 killy hero. this way you overwhelm your enemy with it. if they arent prepared and if you dont miscast you own them.

as you have it now you have 8 power dice between 2 casters. if you level 4 dies you only have 4. he will automatically lose a wound when he casts the black tongue. a little risky

with the juggernaut, can he be separated and targeted by shooting?
if so thats dangerous.

Be careful with khorne knights, if your opponent is smart he can lure them out and rape them with a flank charge.

Also with marauder horsemen, I usually dont take a standard or a champ, just a musician. if they flee which they are meant to they will lose the standard. I find them better as flankers and I use them to distract other enemy units since they can flee 3D6 and are super fast.

with marauders since they only move 4, they are most likely to get charged instead of getting a charge off so, i find it better to give them armor and shield to give them a 4+ save in close combat, to survive a charge, give their standard 5 combat res (3 ranks standard, outnumber) and leave the killiness to the hero I put in the unit.

07-01-2010, 08:22
The juggernaut isn't a monstrous mount, just a one wound cavalry mount that can't be targeted