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06-01-2010, 21:46
It seems that, despite my best efforts, my next army after the Ogres get their last three models is the Empire. Given that Marius Leitdorf is an awesome model, which I have just about finished painting, this seems like a fine start.

Rough army list to follow. Only the general and crossbowmen are set in plastic/metal at this stage, though I'm pretty set for the Grand Master in the 3000 point list. This is intended for friendly games, but I'd rather avoid anything glaringly hideous. 2000 points with add on for 3000.

Marius Leitdorf, Elector Count of Averland, General of the Empire: Runefang, Full plate armour, main gauche (shield), barded warhorse (216)

Aldreda Haller, Warrior Priest of Myrmidia: Sword of Justice, Icon of Magnus, heavy armour, shield (141)
Lukas Aldermann, Gold Wizard: Level 2 wizard, 2 Dispell Scrolls (150)
Markus Juweiler, Captain of the Empire: Battle Standard, full plate armour (83)

12 Knights of the Black Bear: Perceptor, musician, standard bearer (316)
Agbeiten Quarrelers, 10 Crossbowmen (80)
Averheim Matchloques, 10 Handgunners (80)
Averheim League of Myrmidia, 28 Swordsmen: Duelist musician, standard bearer (193)
Datatchment: 6 Halbardiers: Shields (36)
Datatchment: 6 Halbardiers: Shields (36)

Leitdorf's Fury, Great Cannon (100)
Lil' Marius, Great Cannon (100)
Ockholmsberg Riders, 5 Pistoliers: Outrider (97)
Averheim Great Company, 24 Greatswords: Count's Champion, musician, standard bearer, Banner of Valour (300)
Datatchment: 6 Halbardiers: Shields (36)
Datatchment: 6 Halbardiers: Shields (36)

2000 pts

Claudia von Legenfeld, Grand Master of the Knights of the Blazing Sun: Dawn Armour, Holy Relic (225)

Lukas Aldermann, Bright Wizard: Level 2 wizard, Rod of Power, Ring of Volans (150)

West Reach Muster, 10 Handgunners Marksman, Hochland longrifle (105)
Birnbaumer's Sharpshooters, 10 Handgunners Marksman, Hochland longrifle (105)

12 Knights Inner Circle of the Blazing Sun Perceptor, musician, standard bearer, Banner of the Daemonslayer (412)

+1000 pts

hlaine larkin
07-01-2010, 12:52
seems solid, solid infantry, solid shooting- i would reccomend you make the grand master the same chapter as the knights, just because i think his bonus applies to knights of the same chapter

24 greatswords with banner of valour makes me giggle its good :D
plenty of big blocks with lots of support.

i think in 3k however you will be magicked to death as most people will have a magic lord
at 3k

but all in all- good job ( i lean towards magic anyways 2 level 2's could be enough with scrolls though)

07-01-2010, 13:27
The Grand Master is joining the unit of inner circle knights in the 3000 point list. I fancied a secular order to be accompanied by the Count.

Is the priest and two wizards going to leave the army completely open to fireball death? I was hoping that it would be enough to at least mitigate the worst of it and let the army get on with fighting.

hlaine larkin
07-01-2010, 13:39
i think it will be enough to see the enemy off enough to get in the fight (and big units help here) any one who goes ridiculously magical might hurt you, but you can hurt them in the face with cannons :D

07-01-2010, 13:48
One question.....
Why shields for the halberd detachments?
Other then that not bad :). On a fluffy note, and I suppose another question ;)....isn't Leitdorf missing and presumed dead?

hlaine larkin
07-01-2010, 13:48
well we found leitdorf :D he was with these guys all along, that wacky guy!

07-01-2010, 14:17
That would be why it's the army of 2519.

Unless I'm mistaken, units with two-handed weapons still get the normal shield bonus in both close combat and against shooting, they just don't get the same extra bonus as units with hand weapon and shield. Then again, I make no claim to knowing anything much for WFB.

07-01-2010, 14:42
If they choose to use halberds, they do not get any bonus for the shield, but you can choose to not use the halberd, which gives you the shield bonus, and hand weapon and shield bonus, also shield will count for shooting

07-01-2010, 15:17

1) Drop the wasted level 2 upgrade - you'll never cast a spell with the guy anyway as you'll be shut down so why waste points?
2) Knights - I've seen many people, myself included, try out big formations of Knights - they just dont work. All your paying for is an extra rank and outnumber - well give them a warbannor for the +1, and make it 2 units of 6 - 1 with command options if you really want, the other unit is naked but for musician. You'll need the flexibility of 2 units of knights, this way also you can afford to sacrifice a unit on suicide charges, etc, and you dont present a huge 'SHOOT ME' target to the enemy.
3) DETACHEMENTS: Add at least 3 more halberdiers to the detachment - soon as they drop below 5 models they are useless. Also consider trading the 2nd detachment for archers - they are awesome as detachments. THey have 360 degree line of sight so can support charge in any direction, they scout so they can form a skirmish line in front of the parent unit that prevents spells being thrown at the parent unit/being shot at, and they provide extra missle fire.
4) Characters - invest some time and do some kitbashing to create a mounted warrior priest, mounted BSB - they need the extra armour save and speed. Also the warrior priest now joins a unit of knights - ever seen those guys work with hatred? Its awe inspiring stuff - 5 knights and warrior priest with great weapon charged 5 fleshounds, destroyed them, overan into a unit behind them, destroyed those guys too! HAtred is way powerfull and it actually gives you a unit with serious bite.
5) Rare choices - you have none! I can't belive you dont like either the hellblaster, steam tank, or even flaggellants! HEll blaster is great - especially if dealing with large targets. Its worth reconsidering to include 1 of the brutes - but keep both cannons.