View Full Version : Skaven 1500 point campaign list

07-01-2010, 02:31
I will be starting a friendly tournament with my group in the next starting week. The games will be 1500 points with some pluses or minuses depending on campaign factors but never 2000 so no lord choices. My list is including a plague furnace as I just got one and was wondering if this list seems viable. I will be playing two bretonian players and a lizards player. The lizards player likes to take a slaan that I am aware of. My list is:

Plague Priest on a plague furnace w/ flail, the foul pendant and portent of verminous doom. Crew is 27 Plague monks with standard

2x warlock engineers both lvl 1 and one with a warp energy condenser

2x 20 slaves

2x 25 clanrats with std and mus

1x 30 clanrats w/ std and mus and a warpfire thrower

1x 12 giant rats w/ 2 packmasters

1x Doomwheel

1x 6 plague censor bearers

I have a good mix of hammers and anvils I think. With lots of magic missiles and some good MR with the plague furnace and 5 dispel dice. What does everyone think? Comments are welcome and appreciated. I have never really played Lizardmen so help there is appreciated.