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Col. Dash
07-01-2010, 11:56
I am getting into lizardmen and really like some of the models I wish to use. In fact I bought some of the models before I bought the book just because I liked them and thought they looked frikken cool. Heres a rough draft list for 2k. I am at work so I dont have points and if I dont list equipment it because I dont know what i need to equip them. Used to DE so something slow with number is new to me.

Slaan-mage Priest x2 Disciplines (should I give a Cube of Darkness to him or priest?)
Skink Priest on a Steg with EOG
Scar Vet (No idea what to give him)

Temple Guard x15 FC
Saurus x20 FC
Skink Scouts x10
Skink scouts x10


Its a small list but the idea is EOG in the center providing a +5 save to the two saurus units. A Steg on either end of the line and the skins for march blocking.
I end up in 2k with 62 points to spend on the Scar Vet. What should I get for him and what role should he have? Anti-challenger, troop destroyer?

Thinking for 2250 to get 3 terradons and another unit of skinks if I have the points.

With the expense of the mage-priest I tried to go minimal on the equipment. I could also add something to the temple guard champion. Like I said this is a rough list to get my idea across about what I want to do and what it should look like.

hlaine larkin
07-01-2010, 12:44
okay first thing is first-
the slaan needs the cupped hands of the old one i reckon, i wouldnt go without it ever! it is 45 points and bounces your miscast onto another enemy wizard within line of sight on a 2+.

i like the 3 stegs, thats fun! (you dont tend to run 2 hydras do you haha?)
skink skirmishers again is a good idea.

scar vet builds- well 80% of the tactica is devoted to this.
you have a few options- although they all tend to be massacre challenge or troops.

my favoured one is - maiming shield and burning blade of chotec, light armour.
this gives him 5 strength 5 attacks that are at -4 to the enemy's armour and flaming and a 3+ save in combat which is pretty solid.

the biggest change i would make however is give the saurus spears.
for 20 points you get an extra 10 strength 4 attacks. hand weapon and shield is okay- but you will rarely lose more than 4 in a close combat assault from the front, and when your opponent says 'you have 1 guy to attack back with and go actually, i have 6 which gives me 13 attacks' they generally cry as their troops are bludgeoned into oblivion.

but all in all nice list! i like it lots.

Col. Dash
07-01-2010, 13:37
Interesting ideas. I figured the stegs were strong, I just loved the model. Found outr you can have tons of the things. Three is my max though unless points go up alot. That sounds like an awesome build. Would you go with the cup over the cube? I'll keep that in mind about the spears. I was looking at it from the +1 as point of view.

hlaine larkin
07-01-2010, 13:40
yeah i would go with cupped hands- cube of darkness is good but it stops your magic too- can't go dispelling your own comets and celestial shields :D

Col. Dash
07-01-2010, 13:46
Guess I missed that line lol.