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Caretaker of the Abbey
07-01-2010, 23:30
Hi Guys,

Im trying to employ the following concepts into cogent list: elements of the TVI, Cavalry support, and the Capt. Pegasus. The only real swinger in this list the dual helstroms.

My premise is that those helstroms once they start spewing pie plates, even if they are erratic, will force the enemy to move forward. Using this MSU units I am hoping to force bait and switches while utilizing the march block function of my captain. I read the Reman Legion articles too, hence the archer screens and think i have a decent magic defense.

All in all this seems like a fun list.

Comments are welcome and appreciated.


Lector Marius Shanholtzer (125) 275pts
• War Altar
• Van Horst

Warrior Priest Gregory (90) 96pts
• Shield
• Heavy Armor

Level 2 Wizard 130pts
• Rod of Power

Captain Edgar Von Volan 146pts
• Pegasus
• Full Plate and Shield
• Lance
• Doomfire Ring


10 Martyrs of Marius (flagellants ) 100pts

5 Knights of the Black Sun 123pts
• Musician

5 Knights of the Black Sun 123pts
• Musician

11th Patrol 220pts
25 Halberdiers
1. 9 militia
2. 5 Archers
3. Full Command

12th Patrol 220pts
25 Halberdiers
1. 9 militia
2. 5 Archers
3. Full Command (+20)


2x 5 outriders 252
• Champion with Hochland

1x Cannon 100pts


2x Helstrom Rocket Batteries

08-01-2010, 02:57
First thing you need to do is delete all the point values for each item. You will get chewed for that. If you include points I believe it should be a total pt value.

Lector Marius Shanholtzer - 275pts
• War Altar
• Van Horst

I'm still pretty noobish myself so I won't have all the best tips but I think the two big things I see are the Flagallents anf Outriders. I'm pretty sure most people would agree that you flagallents are to small at least 15 but prob 20. Secondly, your outriders are too big. Drop them to 5 or 6, that many points will be a sink hole, either that or may maybe just split them into 2 1x5 with a musician in each.

I usually take swordsmen and use halberdiers as det's, but thats just preference. The std's in those units might be easy VP's against you.

Caretaker of the Abbey
08-01-2010, 04:02
Thanks about the points issue.

First, the Outriders is 2 five man units...aka mobile gun line each with a hochland. the purpose is three fold. First, it is a mobile gun line.

Second, the hochland rifle is used with a warrior priest prayer that allows for a combo re-roll to hit and wound. (a sniper rifle that actually works).

Third, this unit is a priority take out unit and having two small units makes the opponent have to distribute their projected power.

Regarding the Flagellants the small unit is not a combat unit but a speed bump. I whole heartly agree that if you want a larger unit it has combat effectiveness. If you want to avoid a big nasty for just a few turns, and need time for other units to maneuver 10 in 2x5 block can work

08-01-2010, 05:32
Units of 10 flagellants work amazing - great speed bumps. As for the list on practical notes (love the theme by the way!)

1) Halberdiers - great for fluff, bad for gaming! Swordsman are by far superior troopers for their better WS and save in combat.
2) Free company detachments - Doh! I call them FREE COMBAT RES! They die so easy that you'll probably give away more combat res than you gain from flanking someone.
3) Archer detachments - these guys are solid! :D Great screeners, they charge 360 degrees - what can be wrong with them?!
4) Caption on flying horsey - nah! He has no role in life, just trade him in for a level 2 mage -this will give you fantastic options in the magic phase, trust me, we all think a warrior priest and arch lector on his pope mobile make our magic phase dangerous...NAH! They dont! You need the 2 level 2s.
A cool build I have for the arch lector is the magic weapon that makes him str 10, d6 wounds, aldreds casket of sorcery, and armour upgrades. He now steals spells, casts them off, and when in combat he can deal death with the portable hand cannon
Cool list though - we normally play 2250 here abouts so we're lucky - i have 2 more units of knights around the list!

The Boy Harker
11-01-2010, 11:42
If your gonna take the captain on pegasus, id consider giving him a great weapon instead of his lance, and give him the shroud of magnus instead of the doomfire ring.
Whilst you would only be str5 instead of str6, you would always get the str bonus. And if your opponent had the audacity to shoot his mount from under him, you can still use his weapon (at str6 now that he is on foot), whereas the lance would otherwise be effectively lost. and the ward save & MR2 will (hopefully) keep him alive long enough to deliver his payload of pain into your enemies warmachines & wizards.

11-01-2010, 19:28
Pegasus captain is only realy worth it with aldreds casket
and i would take swordsmen over halbardiers

12-01-2010, 01:23
I swear by Swordsmen. They are a dependable unit for any empire army. I also found that outriders rock! A solid choice but don't upgrade to a marksmen with a hockland rifle for them. 15 shots is a better option. A third of your shots will hit and most likely wound just about anything. I put a wound on a dragon easily enough. If only my cannon had line of sight...