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08-01-2010, 15:49
So I'm trying to rebuild my VC army and looking to start out smart and make a decent army list at the same time. Ive decided to start out here at 1000 and then later build a 1500, 2k and 2500 pt list any criticism or suggestions to build to higher point levels would be greatly appreciated.


Walking Death, Infinite Hatred
Tomb Blade, Flayed Hauberk

Lord of the Dead, Dark Acolyte
Black periapt, Helm of Commandment


15 Skeleton Warriors

10 Skeleton Warriors
FC Spears

5 Dire Wolves


10 Grave Guard



total 1005pts

So All that rings in at 1005 points if ive done my math right. I need to trim 5 points and refine the list a little as well the down side is that the 10 skeletons with spears are already together as I built them kinda with out thinking about having models around for low points games so they are set with those. I have 10 Ghouls, 20 Zombies and a few other odds and ends floating around as well to help even this out one way or another but i am looking for a skeleton and wight based force mostly.

08-01-2010, 17:39
I would reduce the points youve spent on your characters and increase the size of your units, one vampire with lord of the dead and another with tomb blade is not enough to make your skeleton units big enough to take on opponents by the time they reach the enemy lines. Or if you are going to take small units give both your vampires lord of the dead and dark acolyte to make sure you get them up to size in time.

Personaly in this size game i would advice from taking the helm, i find its good in games where you can have your lord sitting in a unit behind your own lines supporting the combat units. However i feel in a game this size you cant afford to spend that many points on a character who simply sits back. Vargulfs great, may want to give one of your vampires if you do go for strait magic the book of arkhan its great when used on a vargulf.

08-01-2010, 18:10
At 1k, you can either go combat heavy or magic heavy. Magic heavy is more useful because using 2 Lv.1 casters for IoN is really terrible.

Get Master of the Dark Arts on both Vamps, have one with Flayed Hauberk and Sword of Might, and the other in a bunker with Helm of Commandment and Black Periapt.