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08-01-2010, 16:58
Ive heard alot about how competitive Daemons are broken but ive never played against one of these builds, what can i say i have great mates. I also happened to miss GT this year :( so was wandering if i could have a look at the top Daemon lists ran at GT

Please avoid burn

Thank you for your time

Brother Edwin
08-01-2010, 17:25
You are better asking at www.warhammer.org.uk

Not many people here go to the UKGT.

hlaine larkin
08-01-2010, 19:25
the general lists were Psy bomb lists-
basically you have a bsb with the banenr of -2 LD to enemy units, the masque, the blue scribes, a keeper of secrets and then 3 units of 10 horros and fill the rest with points- the idea being you drop the enemy leadership and as soon as they lose a combat they will almost guarentee to flee (it happened to my temple guard, got rear charged by 3 seekers, lost combat by 1 (crazy i know) and got cut down and fled at ld4...

the second list was the siren song list which was basically the masque ghoing you must charge this way, but there happens to be an uber bloodthirster ready to charge with some psy bombing going on aswell..

that was all i saw but they did well.

Shadow Rider
08-01-2010, 20:17
My friend plays an all Tzeentch Daemon List. Couple of units of Flamers 6 strong. A fair number of Horrors, Blue Scrbes, Lord of Change and a Couple of Heralds. He does fairly well with it. He missed the GT this year but did ok. Tbh the bigger lists at this year's GT were Vampires and Dark Elves.

hlaine larkin
08-01-2010, 20:37
well in one of the heats lizardmen came top 3 i was so pleased i missed out on qualifying when my lizardman list drew the only army i had no hope against in the top 40- a thorek gunline lol (although my 3 skinks taking on an organ gun crew and making them flee amused me)

08-01-2010, 20:48
Kairos Fateweaver FTW! He is just too good, very hard to kill and rarely makes costly mistakes.

09-01-2010, 12:58
khorne tz spam is a good tournament build, if you want to go waac and named chars are alot i think the list iwas gonna take was

3 x 10 horrors
2 x 6 flamers
2 x 5 furies
3 x 5 hounds

Or something really close to that

ld bomb is popular, I personally like my list
2 heralds of tz
1 hok - aok, jug, bsb +d3 cr
3 x 10 horrors
2 x 5 furies
2 x 5 dogs
2 x 6 flamers