View Full Version : Vampire Counts 2250. Competitive enough for a Tournament?

08-01-2010, 21:48
This is the army I'm looking at taking to a tournament that is coming up in a few weeks. These tournament usually feature fairly "hard" lists and armies. In other words I probably won't see OnG or OK. This list uses the models I have, which is why there is a difference in core choices. Tell me how competitive you think this list is.

Vampire Lord - bunkered in ghouls
Level 3 wizard
master of the black arts
forbidden lore
lord of the dead
skull staff
helm of commandment

vampire - goes in grave guard
dark acolyte
avatar of death (heavy armor, great weapon)
book of arkhan

vamp - goes in grave guard
walking death
Avatar of Death (heavy armor, great weapon)
drakenhoff banner

vampire - goes with blood knights
dread knight
infinite hatred
balefire spike
enchanted shield
black periapt

10 skeletons (5x2)
full command

20 zombies (5x4)

14 crypt ghouls (5x3 with vamp)

corpse cart w/ balefire

9 dire wolves

12 grave guard (7x2 after vamps)
great weapons
full command
royal STD of strigoi


4 blood knights

09-01-2010, 06:01
Cairn Wraiths > Blood Knights.

Find room for 20x grave Guard.

09-01-2010, 13:11
all your units are way to small, not enough GG and not enough PD to ensure your SKellies get big fast enough. Carin wraiths are indeed far better then blood knights even vs daemons they lay down a big world of hurt, with ws7 str 5 attacks.

Id drop the varg for a corpse cart with balefire, and use the extra pts elsewhere.

also split the dire wolves into 2 units of 5