View Full Version : To defeat the old foe! (Lizardmen at 2250pts)

08-01-2010, 22:42
I'll soon be having a game against an old opponent.
We'll be trying hard to beat eachother and as such I've tried to get the most out of my list.

He'll be taking (WOC): A lord on dragon with rune sword and enchanted shield, a mounted bsb, a lv2 wizard, 3 units of marauders with flails two units of knights and a chariotand some hound.
I played against this list recentley and manged to pull a minor victory.

Below is the List I'm thinking of taking

The Host of Itza


Slann, +1pd, Know all spells, Bane Head, Cupped hands, bsb, warbanner, x2 power stones

Scar-Vet, lt armour, enchanted shield, cold one, piranha blade

Skink Priest, lv2, EOTG, plaque of Tepok, Amulet of Itzl

Skink Chief, terradon, lt armour, shield, staff of the lost sun


12 Skinks

12 Skinks

12 Skinks


22 Temple Guard, Full command

6 Cold One Cavalry, full command, Huanchi's blessed totem

3 Kroxigors 165pts

Army total

Thoughts on tactics

I decided to not take any Saurus as Chaos Knights just eat them alive.
I really want to hammer him with magic and I know my temple Guard can protect my Slann throughout the game.
The Skink Chief on Terradon was a new choice for my but I really wanted something to compete with his march blockers.
I'm not sure about the Kroxigors but A fast unit that can angle for a flank charge would be great.

What do you think I should add or take away? Any good tactics I should consider?

Thanks in advance

09-01-2010, 09:53
Just bumping the thread :D

09-01-2010, 13:07
im not sold on the lone flying hero ;/ why not make room for a ancient for him and give him the warspear? Id cut out a couple of tg too to make the unit fit better

09-01-2010, 21:06
The sniper Skink chief is kind of a cool idea, I like it, but do ask yourself. Is he going to do as much a 3 Terradons? He might, strength 5 shots at BS 5 is great, but so is 2 more drop rocks than he has. Try it out and see which you like more.

10-01-2010, 00:10
Thanks for the advice guys:)