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02-02-2006, 05:47
After years of being s subscriber to WD I'm going to let my subscription end when it runs out in march as part of a general leaning awat from GW. The only gw game I like is 40k and I almost never find anyone willing to play it anymore. After the way GW hosed the 40K public with it's last rulebook I really can't blame a lot of people for quitting. (That much money for what amounted to a patch for the third edition was an insult to the players.)

So I plan to dump WD since so much of it is WFB and LotR stuff I have no interest in and maybe just get the annual chapter approveds, assuming I don't dump 40k altogether.

Anyway, since I'm dropping WD I wondered what online resources are best at keeping up on what little 40k stuff I might miss that the chapter approveds won't cover.

The Machine GoD
02-02-2006, 06:40
Rumor forum here.

02-02-2006, 16:18
If you're looking for info I have found giving a regular look at the UK, US, CA, and OZ sites all have goodies (and are all different, though CA frequently hooks to the US site for the majority of things).

I've been disappointed for awhile with the WD (nothing specific, I just can't seem to get into alot of the articles), but I'm pleased they've started listing more bitz that went into projects they show. :)

02-02-2006, 16:36
Have you seen this thread? http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23360

It seems the new WD editor is listening to people's criticsms and is acting upon it. To be honest there has been less and less in WD that I've enjoyed reading over the last 12 months. Probably my favourite bits have been useful articles such as Kill Team: Nemesis - stuff like that is inspiring and makes me want to go and convert crazy miniatures! :D But I get more of that nowadays just from forums like these, not only from WD.

And there lies the hub of the problem. Thanks to the internet, and websites/forums like Warseer, there is more opportunity to see all sorts of fantastic and inspiring conversions, painting, armies, sharing of tactics, ideas for new/rules development etc. - and WD used to be the only place you could get these.

As much as I've enjoyed WD in the past, I think it's fair to argue that eventually WD will be phased out and they will concentrate on their website (which, when you take in to account the international versions, is already a great source of info).

02-02-2006, 16:49
For painting and modeling Black Gobbo is good but sites from other company are also a good source. I have found that a lot of Confrontation players where the number of miniature is less put more detail in the painting of each models and some site are very good. The best articles on base for figurine also came often from them. White Dwarf put a lot less details in their painting article than on the sites of some of the painters where they are not limited by pages.

For scenery tips online info come from a lot of site from different company. Scenery maker are making a lot of article and different forum gives a lot of tips.

For preview of miniature, prices, address of club etc... we get them before White Dwarf on the net.

For strategy I have not seen often good strategy article from White Dwarf. Forum and some web sites are a lot better for that. White Dwarf will not go into mathhammer to show that an option is not good and will not say that a model stats is crap.

Their battle report have at least photo but they always use list that make those report not that useful when you face an opponent where the list is optimized. If people took some photo of their games the net would be more useful than White Dwarf for it but I give a tie on that subject because most battle report on the net do not have photo to show us the terrain and position of the unit.

For clarifications to the rules they don't do that anymore. Forums is the only place where we can have some consensus on rules.

The only things left to White Dwarf is the Chapter approved new rules that may come from them and that we need to play with.

02-02-2006, 17:19
I echo a lot of Scramasax's statements. There are better places for the modeling and painting portion of the 40K Hobby. GW seems to be shooting itself in the foot with the Black Gobbo series. WD will throw up like a one page spread on how to make a tree, and then Black Gobbo will come along and tell you how to make a forest of Elm, Oak, Pine, etc.

Just about every strategy article I have ever read in WD just screams wrongness to me- except for one US WD- I think it was in WD 300. The one talking about 'Refused Flanking' and 'Bait-and-Switch', etc.

The only stuff that even perks my interest anymore is the Patrol (AKA 40K in 40 minutes) scenarios, and Chapter Approved.

The last year or so, it just seems there has been less and less 40K and Fantasy stuff, and more LotR. I mean, the movies are over, yet we're getting models and rules for stuff that Tolkein MAYBE mentioned in one passing line of RotK. Seems like GW is really, really milking it while letting other stuff fall to the way side.

Don't forget about the fluff that GW writes in WD! Some people may not like it, but others do. I've particulary enjoyed the 'Index Astratus' articles. I wish they would do more of those kind of articles. The designer notes, watered down that they are, are very interesting. I'd rather read about why they gave this unit Furious Assault, instead of a full paragraph by a modeler telling how hard it was to put a Purity Seal on the shoulder pad of model 'X'.

Lastly, what ever happened to Player's Armies? I'm not talking about Heavy Metal studio armies, but actual "Joe-Blow off the Streets'" army?

With all that being said, and I guess I'm a bit old fashioned, even with access to all the information on the internet, there is just something about picking up a magazine and reading it that the internet will never replace for me.

02-02-2006, 18:12
I come to Warseer instead.
It's free and the modellers and painters are more talented and imaginative.

Flame Boy
02-02-2006, 19:03
It was about the time they bundled all the articles for each game system when i realised that i didn't actually read around 2/3 of the magazine. I wish they would do an article related to one of the specialist games each month... good underhive terrain ideas, BFG background, blood bowl conversions, Inquisitor scenarios, anything! I'm far more interested in hobby articles than GW trying to flog an army for 4 issues and then movin onto the next.

I'd personally like to see more background fluff related to obscure corners of the galaxy rather than having everything themed around the current army. Short stories about rogue traders and explorators, Genestealer cults plotting to assassinate an Inquisitor before he blows their cover... Instead we got about six historical tales of Black Templar officers that allmost to a man sacrificed themselves for their men's safety or to kill the head honcho of the enemy. I'd like more varied perspectives.

White Dwarf sometimes feels like a bunch of adverts crammed together with a "what the staff have been painting" section thrown in somewhere. I'd rather they gave up a hobby magazine and just threw in a few leaflets to advertise.

02-02-2006, 19:21
It's not a hobby magazine, it's a glorified catalogue.

The pictures have also gotten much bigger, the text smaller and far less of it.

I remember when WD was in its early 200s and it was AMAZING. It was bursting with scenarios, battlereports, articles, tactics, featured armies, Eavy Metal painting guides (gawd bless Mike McVey) and even had a card insert with terrain and wargear.

I even read the fantasy stuff back then, although I didn't play it, simply because it was really interesting.

Now it's pap. Utter pap.

Perhaps it's due to the quality of (or lack of) the people writing these articles.
I remember Ian Pickstock's amazing tank tacticas, Steve Anatasoff's Necromunda articles, Gav Thorpe's Necromunda articles, Andy Chambers regular additions and Adriand Wood and his love of the Orks.

Gone are these colourful, flavoursome characters, to be replaced with bland, unimaginative folk.
There's Matt 'Black Templar' (can't remember his last name) and Phil 'all my armies are black' (can't remember his last name either) and that's all that springs to mind.

Can anyone remember any truly amazing battle reports lately? I sure can't.
Nothing in comparisson to 'A Gathering of Might' fantasy battle, 'Heretic' tank battle or the fast vehicles battle to coincide with the release of eldar jetbikes, vypers and the marine bikes and land speeders. Truly, they were marvelous battles to read, from back in the days when army lists were HARD and the game was played once, not played to death until someone got the result that they wanted.

I'm really gutted that I threw out all my old White Dwarfs.

Rich 123
02-02-2006, 19:28
I too am gutted I threw out my old WDs too Darkseer. They were far superior to the magazine now. I stopped my WD subscription about a year ago too as they didnt cover anythign I was interested in. The battle reports used to be interesting (even though I dont play any of the games) though they arent any more. And there are no modelling articles that have anything new to me and painting articles are few and on the thin side.

Meh, these things happen. Its a shame it is no longer the great organ it once was but there are far better sources for seeing great models and learning techniques of painting and modelling from places on the internet ... like here for instance. And I guess its far better to actually play games than read the battle reports in WD played by other people ;)

The Index Astartes series and other background fluff like that and some of the other fluff.

Although, as has also been said, its so nice to have a magazine to hold. And you can read it on the toilette !


02-02-2006, 20:46
WD doesnt go into math hammer to explain why this sucks or why you should use a million of this particular miniature because they dont want to promote that type of gaming. They're trying to sell all their miniatures.. and saying certain ones are relatively worthless in comparison to others is not good business. And honestly, if they did put mathmatical reasons why to use this or not to use this, it would get too competition oriented and less story(or what i call 'fun') oriented.

Just to say 1 more thing, sometimes I wonder why people try to win so hard, compromising their army lists making them lose credibility in the "Fun" department, making them unrealistic too. It costs alot of money to buy an army, and alot of time and overall .. motivation and will to paint and build the entire army the way you want. Like making a model miniature car and painting it except with a whole army.

Whats the point of doing all that when you throw everything out the window and number crunch for maximum kill ratio? I'd just play a video game or something if i wanted to do that.

To apply this to WD, im getting sick of the flavor of the month stuff. Every SM chapter doesnt need its own codex.. i repeat:

every SM chapter doesnt need its own codex.

02-02-2006, 21:04
propaganda all white dwarf is

04-02-2006, 07:07
propaganda all white dwarf is

Thanks for the advice, Yoda.;)

04-02-2006, 16:12
Remember that the Oracle is still around, and one reason it is released so rarely is that we don't get many submissions, in which the staff is relied upon to write most of the articles. Since we don't all have a ton of time, it stretches out the release dates.

Many people post about what they'd love to see--the Oracle provides what many feel is lacking, and while we're not official in any sense, we do strive to provide the highest quality available.


Also, we just found issue #3 in the catacombs of the internet archive, and I am currently in the process of putting it up.

Issue 4 will be out shortly, if there is anything you'd like to submit, feel free to do so.