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11-01-2010, 19:19
Simple question.

What are they, and what should I expect to face if playing against them? Do I treat them as ordinary Dwarfs and ignore bothering about magic to save points for other units etc?

Will be playing a game against them on Thursday and while I only play for fun (Hence my all goblin army), I have never come accross them before.

11-01-2010, 19:24
CD can field Sorcerers from Levs 1-4 like any other army, so some anti magic might be a good idea, even if it is just a humble caddy.

Their artillery can do a fair bit of damage, and Terror could be a problem for an all goblin army if he chooses to take a Great Taurus or Lamasu. Like Dwarfs they can take solid blocks of infantry with good WS/S and great weapons, as well as blunderbusses- which although short range are prety nasty.

They also have access to cheaper troops, like Hobgoblins (core) and other greenskins (special) as well as cavalry. So if your facing a balanced army expect a bit of everything. On thing I will add is that unlike standard dwarfs they will not "hate" your troops and your Night Goblins will not hate them.

Ultimate Life Form
11-01-2010, 19:27
What are they

They are... Dwarves. Of Chaos. Chaos Dwarves.

and what should I expect to face if playing against them?

The most evilest War Machines you have ever seen and a special type of shooting attack (that creates a 'zone of death' in front of the unit if I remember correctly).

Do I treat them as ordinary Dwarfs

Definitely not, just like Warriors of Chaos aren't Empire painted green. They have the ability to stock up on evil destructive Magic. Also they use Orc and Hobgoblin troops (war of the Greenskins it looks), including Wolf riders so they're a fair bit more mobile than your ordinary garden variety Dwarves.

11-01-2010, 19:30
Depends on what list your opponent is playing (Ravening Hordes list or the inofficial GT book), but I can assure you that ignoring magic is going to hurt. Chaos Dwarfs have Sorcerers, and pretty potent ones, too.

I don't know the Indy GT book too well, so I'll talk about the RH list:

I'd expect a Sorcerer Lord, since they don't need a Lord to get an LD10 general (the CD fighter hero has LD10).

Their shooting is pretty good (beware of the Blunderbusses that basically hit half of the enemy unit in range when fired; also, they get lots of Spear Chukkas for less than O&G), and unlike Dwarfs they have cheap fodder units (Hobgoblins, which are basically T3 Orcs) and fast units (Bull Centaurs and Wolf Riders. A pretty nasty one is the Hobgoblin Hero on Giant Wolf; he's a cheap and fast throwaway character who can pretty reliably kill most warmachine crews).

The CD warriors are not that dangerous in CC (they're like normal Dwarfs), though.

11-01-2010, 21:03
Chaos Dwarfs are vanilla Dwarf's who migrated east past the Worlds Edge Mountains long ago when the Dwarf's were first colonizing the Old World. Little is known of what happened to them, even though Dwarf's as ordinarily very resistant to Magic, over time they were corrupted and poisoned by Chaos.

They embrace many things 'ordinary' Dwarf's find deplorable, such as, different much more experimental weapons, such as the Blunderbuss or Earthshaker Cannon.

They also associate with Orcs and created the Black Orcs. Although the relationship with Greenskins is very much a Master / Slave one. The Chaos Dwarf's are a great slave race and frequently use slave labor to construct their weapons and buildings.

As said above, they can field VERY powerful casters, you do not want to ignore them. Though Magic is anathema to all Dwarf-kind, no matter how corrupt and it slowly turns them to stone because it is against their basic nature.

Do not underestimate them, they have many things ordinary Dwarfs do not have and it WILL hurt you badly if you take no Magic defense. Good luck in your game!

lord marcus
11-01-2010, 21:15
which list is your opponent using? the ravening hordes document or the indy grand tournament army book.

11-01-2010, 22:11
The list the opponent uses is very important (as others have said).

The artillery is something you will need to counter, which with an all goblin list may not be too easy.

I would probably take loads of wolf/spider riders and try to take them out asap. A few BT would be needed to take some ranks off the elite units (if playing the Dwarfs of chaos list), or bull centaurs if they are used.

Don't bother with giants. They will only get shot down early before they even get into combat.

Fanatics would be a big help (but not too many :))

Squigs and trolls would be a much safer bet, but in my experience of playing as dwarfs against goblins an important thing is to not max out on ranks but try to get more units of goblins on the table. Dwarfs of any flavour win mostly through attrition in static combat res. So try and outnumber all his units 2 to 1 (some of which could be wolf riders attacking from behind).

Col. Dash
12-01-2010, 12:01
Yeah, what they are using makes a big difference. On the plus side, they arent immune to magic and the dwarves are still slow. On the negatives, the dwarves are pretty hard, excellent weapons and skill. The heros can rides big flying beasts. They have mages and mage lords. Artillery is still amazing although no organ gun, they do have the earthshaker which will slow down anyone it hits close to. He has light and heavy cavalry. Cheap screen troops. Its a good army. I havent read the indy book yet to know what all they get. Bisquits and gravy time!

12-01-2010, 19:39
Ok, thanks for all the info and advice.

I do not know what list he will be playing at this point, somewhat of a disadvantage it seems.

I think I shall go for

2 Large units of night goblins with fanatics
squig hoppers
All of my wolf and spider riders
2 Level 2 Shamans and a boss on gigantic spider.
and top up the points from there.

It is less than 2,000pts so no Lords.

To the mods, just realised from my reply this thread was/is sailing pretty close to the wind and should perhaps be in tactics, apologies. :o

12-01-2010, 19:48
Let us know what happens please.

14-01-2010, 21:28
Well, it turned out my opponent was using the Ravening Hordes list and I have to say it was a very enjoyable game.

I lost the game in the fnal two turns after I started having to take numerous break/panic tests. I thought the game was quite well balanced although I imagine the RH list would struggle against the stronger fantasy armies.

Have arranged to team up with my opponent to fight against a 3,000pt standard dwarf army.

So looks like I will know plenty about the chaos dwarfds soon enough.

Thanks to everyone for the info and advice.

Final thought, goblin rock lobbers literally rock. Got to get me more warmachines.

Duke Georgal
14-01-2010, 23:20
I played chaos dwarfs for years.

In 6th edition, they were one of the best balanced forces available. Good variety, pretty clear rules, and great Big-Hat minis.

I always had fun with them.