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12-01-2010, 16:04
General, great weapon, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Holy Relic, Icon of Magnus.
Captain, BSB, full plate armour, barded Warhorse, Griffon Standard.
Warrior Priest, heavy armour, shield, barded warhorse.
Warrior Priest, heavy armour, shield, barded Warhorse, Sword of Might.
20 Flagellants, Prophet of Doom.
28 Swordsmen, FC, Warbanner.
Detachment: 9 Halberdiers, 9 Halberdiers.
5 Knights, musician.
5 Knights, musician.
10 Crossbomen.
10 Handgunners.
10 Huntsmen.
20 Greatswords, FC.
5 Pistoliers, musician.
Great Cannon.
Helblaster Volley Gun.
Helblaster Volley Gun.

Total: 2314pts.

64pts must be removed, but what?

Swordsmen, Greatswords & Flagellants form the centre while the knights will threaten the flanks. General joins the greatswords while the BSB join the swordsmen, probably will the warrior priests join the knight units.

So what do you think?

12-01-2010, 16:13
what do I think? I think I love this list is what I think!
Quick suggestion - the 2 halberdier detachments, give one to the Greatswords.
I would also take one your 10 man missle troops as detachments for the parent units - that way they wont cause panic if they flee for any reason.....

mm, points drop - Well I'd drop it from the flagallents - they dont need the full 20 to be effective.

12-01-2010, 17:03
OK thanks Jind_Slingh:)

I will split up one of the missile troops into 2x5 then & take them as detachments, but should I take the handgunners or crossbowmen?

Will put one of the halberdier detachment on the greatswords too but will remove 2 greatswords & 5 flaggellants too because that 13 flagellants will get slaughtered on a single charge.

12-01-2010, 17:45
take both - crossbows allow you to engage from turn 1 due to their great range were as the handgunners come in handy as the game progresses with their armour piercing.
since both parent units are 20 strong you can give swordsman crossbows and the greatswords handgunners (or vice versa) as they can support 2 10 man detachments. Your infantary are likely to be pretty close to each other anyway so you wont find deploying the missle troops with the parent unit a big disadvantage.
It also saves you 2 deployments - meaning you stand better chance of going 1st with the +1 to see who gets turn 1.
Empire deployment is pretty dense anyway, they need to be able to support each other, and typically its units with warmachines in between.
Only the Knights and fast cav would stand any chance of being deployed away from the main army as they have better movement.
Theres not really much I'd change from the list with the personal exception of chosing 2 great cannons over 1 - that way I can target both at the same critical target and not mind if 1 misfires/misses. Mortar is nice to have though, but then your reliance on luck drastically increases as you have to pray to Sigmar everytime the cannon shoots at the target, or the mortar lobs its shell to the foe!