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13-01-2010, 12:43
Having cut down some of the things my guys had in my old list to fit the Hellcannon in, here is the list.

Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch, Level 4, Disc, Puppet, Goldeneye @ 370
Sorcerer of Tzeentch, Level 2, Disc, Book, Dispel Scroll @ 210
Exalted Champion of Tzeentch, Barded Steed, Shield, Sword of Might, Collar of Khorne, Battle Standard @ 211

12 Warriors, Halberds and Shields, Full Command, Rapturous Standard @ 254
10 Marauders, Flails, Musician, MoS @ 64
5 Horsemen, Flails, Light Armour, Throw Axes, Musician, MoS @ 106

5 Knights, Musician, Standard, Warbanner @ 255
5 Knights, Musician, Standard @ 230

1 Hellcannon @ 205

Any suggestions? I'd like to put some marks on the the Warrior type units (I had Tz Knights with the Blasted Standard for example).

Maybe having 2 x Knight units is boring?

I have some Spawn, a Chariot, more Warriors, Marauders and Horsemen as well, or I could add another character instead of them?

13-01-2010, 19:39
first of all i ain't much experienced but i ll give it a shot. Are you going to set off Infernal gateways with the lord? If yes then i think you should at least give him a spell familiar to be sure to get the spell. Also the second mage MIGHT be better if given book+power familiar(in case he gets that gateway XD). A bit of a gamble though as you will also need the puppet to negate the bad miscasts. So in this case i guess you will have to find points for a 3rd sorcerer to carry it as the lord with the mentioned setup wont have the points to do so sadly :( About the marauders with the flails now. If you want the to be hard hitters the GW with MoK would be better. make them 12 though as ppl think is the optimal(?) number. About the knights one unit MoK carrying whatever banner suits you and the other MoN carrying the banner or rage. Also maybe MoN would be fitting for the warriors.The hellcannon plus your mages will make the opponent to come to you eventually. I really love it! go for it !!!

14-01-2010, 01:35
At the above poster: you have just suggested 90pts of mark upgrades which don't effect the overall feel of the list. In terms of the magic phase I would have thought the Lord cast Flickering fire on 1PD, Gateway on 4PD, and the Socerer casts Flickering fire again on 1PD, Fireball on 1 and then Pandemonium on 2. Level 2 casters and gateway is a non-starter..

On to the list: the lack of hounds really stands out, especially as you have invested points into your horsemen with throwing axes, light armour etc. Genuinely cannot see these guys surviving very long and think there are at least 15pts of surplus to be trimmed here.

Flails on the Marauders? When are they ever better than GW? Good setup otherwise, I like these small units.

Warriors are good, but I see halberds as a bonus as opposed to a necessity. And the Champion????...

Mixed feelings about your knights. Firstly 2 units is not boring, they're the most logical special choice and you shouldn't feel guilty taking them because they are point for point our best unit. Handicaps for fluff justiifcation is fine, handicaps for handicaps sake is not. The Warbanner unit is good, SCR of 2 on this unit is huuge, standard and warbanner means this lot will just roll like the big dogs. The second unit is not so good in my view (shame you can't have 2 warbanners!). At 230 why not have 5 knights with MoK and just focus on killing power? Focus like a jedi master! Having two types of unit and playstyle should ease your fears of being boring. I think it's a neat fit to have a circle and square instead of a circle and some sort of confused hexagonal mess; theoretically speaking of course I'm not referring to one of your units as a hexagonal mess. That would be rude.

Its all about the options.

There are definately points in your core section to get 5 hounds who almost become mandatory if you're considering knights of Khorne. I also feel your disc riders are a tad light on protection. I'm talking enchanted shield for the lord and armour of morrslieb for socerer, however at 50pts this may just be something you have to live with because you'll have to be shaving with a double handed axe to find those points.

Dogs and Enchanted shield can be done for sure though. Think: halberds, champion, throwing axes, light armour, musicians across the board and you're bang on the nose. Or considering your mark comment you could spend those points on MoK for the warriors. Either way I hope my impassionate eye has helped highlight some of the stuff which could be trimmed.

Regardless, a pretty solid list.;)

14-01-2010, 06:57
Adding up, I forget to put 3x5 hound down here that I took for granted. Missed them off when typing, oops!

Anyway, I was thinking about the MoK. It hasn't done me too good recently, but I might put it back in. I've been considering getting another box of knights for bits, and extra bodies and that would let me field without command there.