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14-01-2010, 12:17
Here it goes. And apart from the comments about the list, would this be a good start to skaven army? i believe i can expand from here to competitive 1500-2500, wouldnt you agree?

Plague Priest 319
Plague Furnace, lvl 2, flail, Shadow Magnet Trinket

Warlock Engineer 100
lvl 2

25 Clanrats 183
shields, Warpfire Thrower

25 Clanrats 113

20 Slaves 40

27 Plague Monks 199
Standard Bearer

6 Censers 96

Doomwheel 150

the thing i would like the most is to find 40 pts to get another 20 of slaves but just dont know where to get them. Instead of furnace i could take like 20 slaves (40), warpenergy condenser (20), one more censer (16), drop monks to 24 (-21) and give them a magic banner (of the under-empire 25) and it still leaves points for PWM, items for heroes, pumping clanrats/monks/PCBs or anything. It just seems that the furnace is really powerful. And looks awesome.
any more C&C on that?

14-01-2010, 12:45
I'd drop 5 clanrats off've each unit- theres your 40 points for more slaves :)

14-01-2010, 14:05
wouldnt those cranrats, being a unit counting on static cr, useless?

Skritt the Vomitous
14-01-2010, 21:11
if anything id up the list to a solid 1500pt
take the Storm banner on your monks
and give your Engineer the Energry Condenser as he will always have warplighting