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14-01-2010, 15:31
I currently own 1 GW baneblade, 1 armorcast shadowsword, 1 forgeworld (the n.Cali one before forgeworld UK) shadowsword. My wife bought me the shadowsword/stormlord kit that can be used to make the aformentioned tanks as well as the doomhammer, stormsword, swordsword etc.

Given what I have i'm having trouble deciding which configuration I should build up. I really enjoy games of apocalypse so this tank would actually get used.

What experiences do you have regarding these tanks?

(This superheavies are for my renegade-nurgle army)


14-01-2010, 15:38
Just in terms of general Apocalypse experience (and I will admit to not being supremely familiar with baneblade variant weaponry) I always find it a waste to take a purely anti-infantry setup on a super heavy. I tend often to find that the best utility from a 'big scary' is to make sure they can thereaten everything on the board. so to that extent, at least one big scary gun, preferably D category if available, and from then on, anything you want.

possible exceptions to the above would be a setup that allows you, for instance, to transport 30 troops. Disembarking and assaulting froma Super heavy vehicle with a vulcan megabolter is awesome (Catachan allies did exactly this and tore some unwary Orks an absolute huge one)

But in general, D weapons are king. (or big scary Ap3 apocalypse flame templates... they are also full of win)