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15-01-2010, 00:12
So which models for Eldar were updated in the last update?

Which ones for 3rd edition?

Which for second?

I'm starting Eldar, and I really want to avoid old models that would probably get an update.

15-01-2010, 00:21
Scorpions, farseers, warlocks, banshees, wave serpent, reapers, war walkers, fireprism, fire dragons, harlequins, weapon platforms, autarchs, and dire avengers.

A lot of stuff was made for their fourth book, in other words.

Third didn't have as much, mainly hybrid metal/plastic dire avengers, striking scorpions, banshees, farseers, warlocks, fireprism, fire dragons, guardians, support weapons, weapon platforms...

Let's just say they get an almost new range each time their codex is updated, and every new release is at least as beautiful as the one it replaces.

15-01-2010, 00:34
The current range is beautiful, IMHO. The only models in need of an update are the jetbikes/shining spears. Even the Phoenix Lords (from 1992) are excelent!

15-01-2010, 00:38
Some of the farseers and warlocks are even older than that, and still look amazing.

And then there's the current harlequins. I wish you could make entire armies of them.

15-01-2010, 03:19
The only models in need of an update are the jetbikes/shining spears

Imo shining spears are excellent sculpt. The normal jetbikes and vipers though... ish... oldschool guardian for the loss...

15-01-2010, 05:57
Most of the aspects have seen 2-3 (at least) newer ranges over the years since the aspects were first created (1990). The avatar has had its model replaced once (not counting FW).

The only aspect unchanged (completely) from their 2nd ed models are the Warp Spiders.

The Shining Spears HAD a unit in 2nd ed Codex:Eldar, but no models. The current ones date from 3rd ed.

Wraithguard have not been changed at all since their incept (not counting the ghost warriors here as they were not wraithguard).
The Falcon, Fire Prism and Vyper all date to 2nd edition.
Eldar rangers have had one resculpt (original scouts were RT).

Mecha King Ghidorah
15-01-2010, 06:46
I think most of the Eldar models are great and really don't need a update except for Jetbikes and Warp Spiders.

15-01-2010, 08:04
Jetbikes are the only ones that know for a fact GW was working on. Anyone know its status?

15-01-2010, 21:48
Jetbikes are the only ones that know for a fact GW was working on. Anyone know its status?

They have been working on this for so long they have probably forgotten that they are supposed to be working on it ;). In other words, don't hold your breath.

On the subject of models, all of the current range, as well as the original Rogue Trader Aspect Warriors and Rangers are excellent, and I even like the Warp Spiders (which are the only Aspect whose models still date back to Second Edition), so I see no reason why there would be any need to avoid buying any of the current models, especially given that any Eldar update is likely to be a long way away in my opinion.

15-01-2010, 21:55
I still like the Warp Spider models, but some new sculpts (keeping the ethos of the originals) for some variety would be nice (and to give the exarch some extra options like the codex listing has. All of the other aspects in the book have models which can be armed the same as their entry. WS exarch only has twin spinners and powerblades).

Where is the spinneret rifle?

15-01-2010, 22:12
Where is the spinneret rifle?

That question has never bothered me for the simple reason that I think it's a poor choice anyway (others may disagree), but also because not all the current Exarchs have all the weapon choices which they can select in their boxed set (e.g. Howling Banshee Exarchs have no Triskele and Swooping Hawk Exarchs have no Sunrifle).

I agree with you that this should not be the case, but it is not a problem which is unique to the Warp Spider Exarch.

15-01-2010, 22:31
Models updated from last codex:
dire avengers
fire dragons
striking scorpions
howling banshees
dark reapers
war walkers

in the same year, with the cities of death release:
guardian weapon platforms

so the only aspect warriors needing updating (not counting becoming plastic) would be:

swooping hawks
warp spiders
shining spears

jetbikes would demand a big change, because a lot of things would need to change:

shining spears
jetbike squadrons
warlocks (as of yet unsupported as a model)
farseers (see warlocks)

15-01-2010, 22:45
They need some seer council on bikes asap.

15-01-2010, 23:11
They need some seer council on bikes asap.

Or at least the Warlocks on jetbikes. Converting a single Farseer on a jetbike isn't too much of a problem, but when you're making 10+ Warlocks on jetbikes it gets real old real fast. ;)

21-01-2010, 22:47
I don't suppose any of you guys know where i can get intructions for building War Walkers, the spru is scaring me without the instructions :|