View Full Version : call to arms in reading- anyone been?

15-01-2010, 09:27
im thinking of going to the "call to arms" gamesday in Reading, UK near London on Febuary the 6th 2010... has anyone been to a previous event? I was wondering if there are many 40k or general GW stalls? last year i went to the "other partizan" gamesfair in Newark, UK near Nottingham and a big fair at Derby University, Derby, UK (near Derby, UK, near Nottingham) and both were awesome, with loads of models, bits and terrain for sale from many different reailers- very inspiring! Does anyone have any inside info about this upcoming event?

15-01-2010, 22:34
I hate to be the Grammar Gestapo here, but could you please at least try to capitalize or use proper punctuation in your title next time? I thought you were agitating for a book burning!

Then, after trying to read the body of your text, it came off more as an incoherent plea for a bloody revolution in Reading. Perhaps if people realized you were describing an event, I'm assuming, titled "A Call to Arms" occurring in Reading, they would actually read your thread and respond to it.