View Full Version : 1500 doubles - ogres and lizardmen

elessar 2
15-01-2010, 11:21
Hello everyone,

for a doubles-tourney in the near future, me and a friend of mine are planning to use a lizardmen-ogres combination.

We were planning on the following army:

15 saurus - full command, spears
15 saurus - full command, spears
15 skink skirmishers
5 chameleon skinks
total: 745

Bruiser - wyrdstone necklace (5+ ward save, at start of the battle, roll a d6, on 1 - wound with no saves), gut maw (eat your opponents in challenges to regain wounds), heavy armour, ironfist
3 bulls - full command, iron fist, light armour
4 ironguts - full command, ragbanner
24 gnoblars - champion
24 gnoblars - champion
total: 750

What do you all think? All C&C welcome!