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15-01-2010, 19:55
I just started my IG army and i dunno what direction to take them in firstly. There the cadian figure's so either renagade guard but i do not know how to model renagade guard or a urban camo theme loyal army. But what style of army armoured company,a balanced force i do know help.

15-01-2010, 20:18
You really need to decide these for yourself, but we can give a few pointers..

Renegade: Can mean anything between anything full on chaos cultists ( see Forge world for details..) through rebels who've painted over their Aquillas and shot the priests due to a dispute over taxes, or have got a bit too friendly with some eldar or tau, to loyalists who are the victim of a bureaucratic mistake.
You decide.

As for army style, if you can, borrow a friends Guard army, and try a few games. Best way to get a feel for the styles involved. Many guard players have collections big enough to do all infantry, full mech, or anywhere in between, so don't have to choose. It also means they can lend out 1500 or 2000 pts easily enough...

15-01-2010, 20:35
i have already bought a basalisk a cadian battle force and a sentinal. It's just the modeling part i need advice on now hehe mainly how to model renagade guard

15-01-2010, 21:39
Have you looked at Forgeworld?


You can easily add these models to what you've already got. Then use a dremel (or similar) to carve chaosy icons over the imperial eagles on the cadians.

For urban cam, base with black then use a dark pallet with greys and boltgun.

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15-01-2010, 22:27
There´s such a wide variety of styles one can use for Renegades, that there´s no single way to do them. Some pointers through:

To keep things simple get hold of a few "spike srues", either through GW mail order, eBay, bits sites...
For a slaanesh theme, you can do a lot with a bit of GS, adding pelts and the like. The SW kits have bits that might help you there as well. Small balls can be used for pearl necklaces. Just make them extravagant and decadent.
For Nugle themes, a very good tool is a hot needle. Heat a needle (best attached to something that´s not metal) and push it into the plastic, melting it. Remove the needle to create sores and blisters. Be cautious and prcative on a piece of sprue before you take it to a model. I´ve fone my CSM like that.
For Tseentch, mutation rules. Anything can be used there though Tyranid and Beastmen bits are probably the best. Not to forget the spawn sprue though. The bodies may come in handy if you want Tsaangryns...
Then, there are a few alternative heads out there (Maxmini, Pig Iron). You may want to look at those.
And finally: Something I´d look at are acrylic gel medium (flames, pus, blood... all can be done with AGM) and Acrylic modeling paste (has the consistency of toothpaste and is great to model organic looking parts).