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RiTides Nids
16-01-2010, 14:44
_____The Treeman Ancient slowly came to consciousness, and eyed the two young creatures in front of him. What was it they were called? The name surfaced slowly from the recesses of his mind..... Elves....... Spellsingers in particular.
_____A melody about danger to the wood hummed in the back of his mind. He sensed that the creature with the small orb was contemplating these things, predicting and even attempting to divert disasters coming to the wood. The creature with the stave turned its humming, ambient song to the woods ahead, and they slowly parted... Suddenly the distant sound of battle, of axes against wood, of pain in the forest floated through to the Ancient.
_____No longer needing to be roused, he brought himself up to his full height and began to stride forward on long, powerful limbs that shook the ground with each resounding step. He began a deep song of his own, calling all of the forest spirits to himself. Dryads, Treekin, and the fey young elves called Wild Riders, now more forest spirit than elf, came running to his call.
_____The spellsingers moved along with them, trailing them, and a song at the back of his mind tugged at him to pay them no mind. He noticed that with them came a small band of Wardancers... but these were no ordinary elves. They seemed to move along with every bob and weave of the leaves and branches of the forest, heeding its rhythym rather than forcing it to yield to their own. The creature with the stave seemed to part the trees in front of them, so that they moved in step with the Forest Spirits gliding through the woods.
_____As they walked, a large shadow loomed in the wood ahead. A much younger Treeman than himself stood there, watching the host of spirits approach. Whispers from the spites in the branches of the trees told of a Hunt gone awry seasons ago, with hundreds of forest spirits slain. The spites in the Ancient's own branches burned with anger. The younger Treeman said nothing, but began to move along with them; a powerful ally, but one whose agenda could only be guessed at- a consuming quest for revenge.
_____The Ancient had his own revenge in mind, as well. Whoever had set foot in his sacred wood would have their brief lifespans cut even shorter. Only then would he return to his own deep slumber. His song parted the woods ahead and guided the host toward their prey. The great Hunt was begun again.

Treeman Ancient, Annoyance of Nettlings, Cluster of Radiants- 375
Spellsinger, Level 2, Divination Orb, Scroll- 175
Spellsinger, Level 2, Calaingor's Stave, Scroll- 175

10 Dryads- 120
10 Dryads- 120
10 Dryads- 120
10 Dryads- 120

8 Wardancers, Musician- 151
6 Wild Riders, Musician, Standard- 174
6 Wild Riders, Musician, Standard- 174
4 Treekin- 260

Treeman- 285

Total- 2249
5 DD + a free dice to dispel spells cast with >3 dice
6 PD + 3 bound treesinging spells to use each turn

A note on the list- I wanted to stay away from minimum sized units for everything in the army. Also, if I'm going to take two treeman, I better be taking at least four Treekin! I thought the background story worked well for including the Wardancers, even though they're not forest spirits. They'll be "treesurfing" :). When I need to I could cast treesinging 6 times (3 bound, and 3 times with 2 dice) or even 8 times if I was desperate (using 1 dice and hoping to get lucky) because of the stave.

Comments welcome :)

Edit- With the models available, here's what I would do to go to 2000 and 2500 points from here:
2000- Add 2 Wardancers, Drop Treeman
2500- Add 2 Wardancers, Add a unit of 4 Treekin, Combine Wild Riders into a single unit of 10 with War Banner.

Steve / RiTides

RiTides Nids
17-01-2010, 21:43
Any thoughts on this from more experienced fantasy/wood elf players?

RiTides Nids
20-01-2010, 01:18
Mmmm... nothing at all?

23-01-2010, 21:16
Doesn't seem to be much replys in wood elf lists atm

I am likely less experienced with Wood Elf than you are since I've only tried them 3 times in 6'th/7'th ed

But I must say from the little i have played them Calingor's stave gotta be my favorite item from the army. Can be used to halt your enemies baddies very effectivly or have them move in the wood(and pay the price for defying)

Annoyance sounds fun on an Anchient

Hopefully you'll have at least 2 woods on the field(the 6'inch you atleast always get)
Without it your magic will have a hard time, but that's not hard to imagine.

Finaly be watchful for Chaos Knights or other units with magic attacks