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03-02-2006, 05:53
1000 Wood Elves

Hero Noble 131 points (General)
Elven Steed, Spear, Enchanted Shield, Hail of Doom Arrow, Light Armor

Branchwraith 165 points
Level 1 Wizard, Cluster of Radiance, Annoyance of Netlings

Troops 10 Glade Guard 120 points

5 Glade Riders, Musician 129 points

8 Dryads 96 points

8 Dryads 96 points

Special 5 Wild Riders, Musician, Standard Bearer 148 points

6 Wardancers, Musician 115 points

03-02-2006, 09:12
Unique General--Kudos!

As for the Branchwraith you could have a little less magic defense and close combat power for a lot more magic offense. I like a level 2 with Calaingor's Stave/Dispel Scroll

Honestly 2 units of dryads combined with one wardancer unit may be more than you need... I would recommend swapping one dryad unit for some scouts.

god octo
03-02-2006, 16:37
i would keep the branchwraithe, as i have a feeling that you prefer combat to magic. Overall, i think you have a good list that should do well. Shooting may hurt, but i wouldnt worry too much about it.

03-02-2006, 19:00
The General isn't really my ideal set up, but I think he seems to fit okay at 1000. I'd probably change him up for a different build depending on points. I get the Doom arrow in, and he has a 3+ save to fall back on.

I may try out the spellsinger like that. I think I'll definately include one in larger points, 1k just doesn't seem to be enough :)

You think the scouts would be better for march blocking? I was thinking of having the Dryads as a screen, and possible one as a sacrifice unit. Let it get charged, swarm the survivor.

Lord Xcalibur
03-02-2006, 19:36
I really love the general, as others have said it's unique and that's a good thing. My continual worry about Branchwraiths with cluster of radiants and lvl 1 wizard is that your only magic defence is trying to get into close combat.

If you aren't too attached to the character, I would second the notion to switch for a spellsinger.

Good list.

Lord Xcalibur

03-02-2006, 19:56
Hmm, is mounted a Spellsinger worth it?

I could exchange the Branchwraith for a Level 2 Spellsinger with Calingor Stave without going over. Would have enough for an Elven Steed, too.

03-02-2006, 21:08
Wow a balanced list but with very little firepower. An odd take on the Wood Elf list but it looks very cool. Lets us know how it gets on as I, for one, am interested to see how it will perform. All the best.


03-02-2006, 21:30
I'll be sure to post the result, I guess.

How many archers do you generally take? It seems like Wood Elf archers are good, but this was partially built with Brets in mind. I think my Glade Guard would show more promise against my other opponent, Lizardmen, but that 2+ save is just a pain.

03-02-2006, 22:48
The last list that I thought up had two units of 10 Glade Guard and 6 Waywatchers. I usualy want at least 20 shots per turn if not more in a basic 1000 point list. With regard to the Brets though you are probably right for not placing your faith in shooting. Waywatchers may be cool though to slow your opponant down and cause some annoyance.


05-02-2006, 22:37
Thoughts ? this one better than the above?

note: I chose Befuddlement over a Dispel scroll because I didn't think I'd see much magic, and it'd be fun to make units Stupid :)

997 Wood Elves

Hero Noble 158 points
Alter Kindred, Great Weapon, Light Armor, Hail of Doom Arrow, Shield, Helm of the Hunt

Spellsinger (General) 150 points
Level 2, Calingors Stave, Befuddlement of Mischief

Troops 10 Glade Guard, Musician 126 points

5 Glade Riders, Musician 129 points

9 Dryads 108 points

Special 5 Wild Riders, Musician, Standard Bearer 148 points

6 Wardancers, Musician 115 points

Rare Great Eagle 50 points

07-02-2006, 03:05
List got tooled. I took 2 dispels on my Singer (thankfully), as he had 3 Damsels. Against a Bret list.

Just couldn't touch 2+ saves at 20/24 points.

07-02-2006, 08:23
Just a side check - your Bret opponent did also take the compulsory battle standard bearer in addition to his Damsels?

Because if he did, 4 characters in 1000pts doesn't leave much room for horses in my mind...

07-02-2006, 08:34
Yup, he indeed DID take the compulsory battle standard.
His List (taken from a forum :))
Well this was my anti-wood elve list:

banner paladin (74)

Lvl 2 damsel (105)
Lvl 2 damsel (105)
Lvl 2 damsel (105)

8 KoTR FC (216)
8 KoTR musician (200)
8 KE FC (181)

I'm actually going to re-post another 1000. I am thinking Wood Elves are going to have trouble at 1k, it doesn't seem like you get the redundancy in... It seems like 1500 points meshes so much better...