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17-01-2010, 00:31
I'm working on a new plan for an army and a list that will be as competitive as the old book can be considering the state of the current releases. I figured I'd start at the top of the list with my Lord choice. My thinking is I need a Lord that can take care of business on some of the harder units (Dragon, Stank, G.Daemon) and also offer his leadership in as versatile way as possible. This is what I've come up with and I'd appreciate any input from wandering knights, or those who know them well...... this will be for a 2,999 list

Bretonnian Lord mounted on a Hippogryph

Grail Vow (Making attacks magical, reroll psychology)
Virtue of Knightly Temper (Roll for an additional attack for each original that hits)
Sword of the lady's champion (Always strikes at S+1 to wound)

With this build I have twenty points left over. I was thinking of the Mantle of Elena ( Immunity to killing blow, and poisoned attacks) or the tress of Isoulde (All attacks hit on 2+ for one use)

With this build I have a flying lord with LD9. He could easily linger around the more expensive units of knights allowing his LD to be used. On a charge he would have 4 attacks, with potential for another four. All of these attacks would wound at the opponents toughness +1, so against high T opponents the reg save would prob be snuffed (For example Dragon T6, I would wound at S7)

Obviously, with the amount of poisoned attacks floating around and being that he'd be a large target, the immunity to the poison would help as well as killing blow.

My questions to you are what you would change, if anything and why? I had thought about going with the virtue that gives killing blow, but I'm not sure the virtue of knightly temper wouldn't pay off more with the extra attacks.


17-01-2010, 10:52
I think you've got it pretty much sorted. You have chosen a good combination of upgrades and if its a choice between the Mantle of Elena and the Tress of Isoulde, I would advise the Mantle of Elena as you will be paying alot of points for this Lord and you dont just want him instant killed by some cannon or similar.
Apart from that I would stick with what you are planning on giving him.

17-01-2010, 12:03
Unfortunately you can't use a magical weapon with the Virtue of Knightly Temper so this build is illegal :(

17-01-2010, 13:31
As posted above, yeah that doesn't work. Knightly temper only works with a mundane lance. So give your boyo one. When he charges in he will be S6 and then in subsequent rounds of combat he can pull out his shiny magic sword.

Would also suggest that unless your playing a lot of lizards and dark elves and such that your probably better off with the Tress of Isolde as it really complements the knightly temper. Heh Heh Twos and Twos.

17-01-2010, 13:44
It's always a question of what you want to do with your "unit" (Lord in this case). You said that you wanted something to counter harder units like Dragons, Stanks, Gr Deamons ect. I belive that the general consensus is that more attacks are better against many weak opponents and higher strength attacks are better against fewer hard targets. So the Virtue of Knightly Temper might not be the best way to take down a Dragon.
I am sure that there are others on this forum that could suggest good item/virtue combinations but if I had too I would look to the following:
Sword of the Lady's Champion, Sword of Heroes or Virtue of Heroes

Also you might consider all items/virtues that offer rerolls and/or affect armor saves. They will offer the most benift against targets at the same power level as oneself but are still usefull against all targets unlike the large target specific items/virtues. Personally I would go with some combination of these:
Virtue of the Joust, Virtue of Confidence, Virtue of Audacity, The Heartwood Lance, Birthsword, Sword of the Quest

Note that both Virtues you mentioned disallow the use of magic weapons and the Grail vow makes you immune to Psychology not reroll, that's Quest vow.

As posted above, yeah that doesn't work. Knightly temper only works with a mundane lance. So give your boyo one. When he charges in he will be S6 and then in subsequent rounds of combat he can pull out his shiny magic sword.
Actually it says "A character with this virtue may not use magic weapons" so if he has the virtue he can't "pull out" his shiny magic sword. Sorry

17-01-2010, 21:46
Thanks so much for the info guys. I realized before bed that the virtue and the sword made for an illegal mix, so made a few adjustments.
I'm trying very hard to think of what I, along with everyone else who isn't playing top tier lists will run into at the competitive level. I don't want an army that's going to run through everything, but more so something that can compete and win with a little luck on your side.
Obviously, DE and VC along DOC. I am trying to think what in those lists will be the unit I have a hard time with, starting with the big boys (Blood Thirster, Stank, etc.) and what I can put in the list to deal with each unit.
I think the lord equipped how I had listed would work well and give me a chance at taking something points heavy out.

I believe, as most of you have said, that I've basically got the Lord down and out of the way, depending on a few tweeks of the items. I'd be interested in anything else you might add to this discussion, especially if any of you have used something similar and can enlighten me with some tactics.