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17-01-2010, 15:23

I finally have made up my mind to get a tattoo.

As I am a little artist myself, I was never satisfied with a picture, at least not "keep it on your body for life" - satisfied. After some months they always became boring or seemed stupid.

The picture 1 below is one I have had on my HD for more than 10 years now, I think I scanned it myself. That harlequin still is one of the defining pieces of 40k-related artwork for me.
Pros as a tattoo:
- it is self-sufficient, as it doesnīt have weapons, and isnīt 40k-related
- it radiates extreme confidence while being tongue-in-cheek
- itīs generic enough to not warrant explanation ("This is from a geek-game" as opposed to "itīs a jester").
- mostly of all, it also fits Till Eulenspiegel, a german(-ic?) hero of folklore.

Before I approach a tattoo artist (already asking around for a good one - I know a lot of heavily tattooed people), does anyone have Eldar Harlequin artwork to share? Especially pictures without weapons or where the weapon could easily be removed?

BTW I considered Jack from Bromīs "The Plucker" at first (pic 2), but the positioning is awkward, his weapons would wrap around my biceps and triceps, the tattoo wouldnīt look good. (His closed eyes I would try to substitute for open ones from a different pic of him). Perhaps I could substitute the blades for hands ...

(PS: Mods move if you think it doesnīt fit 40K General, but I thought this forum to be best because the bottom line is: I seek pictures of Eldar Harlequins)

17-01-2010, 18:45
Are you sure you really want this as a tattoo? Take it from someone whom has a giant Superman tribal across his shoulders that you may not always like the object of the tattoo, or the tattoo itself. I was a young man, fresh out of high school and was going through fire training, superman tattoo seemed awesome at the time. 10 years later, I am thinking superman is superlame, and my tattoo is old, blue (now) and faded.
So step two to my post, is if you decide to do it, spend the money to have the best person do it. You don't want squiggled lines, fading, or an asymmetrical tattoo

17-01-2010, 19:01
Iīm 35 years old, Iīve pondered about that EVERY YEAR, and yes, Iīd take a Superman logo (no tribal, though ;), a logo on my shoulder - yes!).

BTW, thereīs a Superman: Realworlds book about some similar topic. Itīs not too good, though (the story/book; I own it).

On the tattoo: yes, Iīm sure I want to have one. The only thing Iīm not too sure about is the picture. What if that harlequin isnīt *how can I say it* arm-filling?