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The Bear
17-01-2010, 16:28
After quite a long break from the hobby, I'm just returning to looking at 40K again. Mainly 'nids seeing as they just got a new codex. I was talking to another gamer who said something about a new edition, and I have seen some new 'nid stuff. The GW website isn't what it used to be in my opinion, so I'm struggling with information. Can anybody help me with major changes or anything big and important that's happened in the past couple of years?
Any help much appreciated :D

17-01-2010, 20:15
So, which ist is the last edition you´re familiar with?
"Last couple of years" can mean anything from 3th and 4th edition (no BIG changes, playability improved) to 2th edition (prepare for extreme changes in the game).

In my opinion, as someone who played all of the editions, 40K 5th edition is the best one.

The Bear
17-01-2010, 21:18
Well the last rulebook I saw was the one with the large warhammer on the front with what I think was a red coloured background?

18-01-2010, 00:43
That's the current ruleset (5th Ed), so you should be up to speed on the rules, all you've missed is a bunch of codex books.

18-01-2010, 01:35
The Bear, it sounds like you have played before and are familiar withthe rules. So, I`ll just give you a few basic ideas on making your Tyranids. 5th Edition is all about mobility - and by mobility, I don`t mean just running around the board on foot/claw. Two-thirds of the missions are the taking of objectives placed in various spots on the board. This means, you need units that can quickly get to the objectives, kill stuff already there, and survive till the end of the game. I suggest you consider a list with models that can deepstrike, burrow, infiltrate (for outflank), or use the new Mycetic Spore (like a Space Marine drop pod). This will allow you to maneuver your forces more quickly and more directly than the Tyrnids typically could in past editions of Warhammer 40K. Welcome back to the hobby. Have fun.

Almighty Nocturnus

The Bear
18-01-2010, 20:37
Oh okay, the person who said there was a new edition must have meant Tyranid specific Codex. Thanks :) I will take your advice into account AlmightyNocturnus