View Full Version : All round 1000pts Skaven

17-01-2010, 17:57
Started with the idea of forming a gaming club where games of fantasy would be restricted from 500-1500pts and 40K 400-1000pts.

Why? because there is an elitism in my local gamestore where games are only play at 2250 or 2500pts (both game systems) and some of us don't have the time to play for 3hrs every weekend, nor do have 12hrs a week to put into hobbying. So far it has worked well with players who had given up on playing fantasy to start again.

I thought I would start with a new army to show players how fun (and inexpensive) it is to concentrate on small armies. I Love the skaven but I never could be bothered to model 150 models in a 2250+ game. So a 1000pts all comers is ALL I am trying to achieve. C&C welcome

Chieftain with warpstone armour, tail weapon and shied. 85pts
Warlock engineer lvl2 with warp energy condenser: 120pts

23 stormvermin with shields std, musician, Shroud of dripping death
weapon team: warpfire thrower: 299tps

24 clanrats spears with shield, std, musician
weapon team: poisoned wind mortar: 197pts

24 clanslaves: 48pts

5 jezzails: 100pts

1 doomwheel: 150pts

Total of 999 pts

My questions are: Are plague monks better than stormvermins as a Hammer unit?