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Chaos Warlord
18-01-2010, 00:11
warlord with +1S +1A weapon, 5+ ward, tail weapon, -1A to enemies in base contact
bonebreaker mount

chieftain BSB with sacred banner of the horned rat (-1LD to enemies & can force a reroll on successfull enemy LD tests in base contact)

plague priest lvl 2, additional hand weapon, poison, warp scroll
plague furnace


40 plague monks, champion, banner

30 stormvermin full command, shield
+1 CR banner

27 clanrats, musician, banner

20 slaves

2 hellpit abominations


the tought is that plague furnace is pushed by the unbreakable 40-man unit of plague monks.

30 shieldvermin with +1CR banner & BSB & warlord go in same unit
and also contains hidden snikch

hellpits on either side of the plague monks & shieldvermin, and clanrats & slaves infront of monks & shieldvermin, to soak up missile fire.

i am still considering dropping the warpscroll and getting two dispel scrolls, and drop the 27-man clanrat unit a bit to afford it.

any toughts?

the whole plan is to just move forward and crush anything in the way, the way i see it, the real strenght is hidden in the shieldvermin unit the way i see it, while plague monks will get the attention aswell as hellpits, but all 4 big units contain the punch to wipe stuff out, possibly dropping some monks and getting some cencors..