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03-02-2006, 12:41

I've got a battle coming up in the next few days against a thousand points of Beastmen. I grabbed a thousand point Empire army last night while practically sleepwalking, and now I don't have the chance to change it (I'm going straight to another city after work, the troops are under my desk now). So, ladies and gentlemen and fiends, I seek your advice in avoiding a total washout.

I have...

Nineteen Swordsmen plus full command and a level 2 Wizard with a dispel scroll

Twenty-four Halberdiers plus full command and a two-weapon Warrior Priest
(and the Champion model is a chubby Mordheim Reiklander who would do v. well for a Hero if I wimp out of fielding the WP. I have one or two spare halberds)

Twenty Greatswords with full command. Splendid waste of points, I know.

Detachment of 8 Free Company.

Six Knights with no fancy bits, though one would make an acceptable hero (is a Grand Master model) if I could find the points.

(I think that's all. I can't remember, and my case is taped together to stop it exploding on crowded commuter trains, which would be tragic)

There are, you will note, no cannons, no helblasters, no handgunners. Too few detachments. (Though I am contemplating splitting the swords into two detachments of 8 with the Halberds as parent)

Am I completely doomed? To be honest I think it'll be fun anyway - no slow gunners or siege engines to protect, so I can be quite aggressive - but people's constructive suggestions would be welcomed. My opponent is a competent but civilised player, so I'm not really expecting to face a thousand points of overripe Stilton - thank Sigmar! 5.15 tonight (GMT) will be my last chance to check this forum for advice.

Many thanks

General Disorganisation.

06-02-2006, 22:54
Well, Warhammer's the kind of game where you have fun even if you lose. Seriously dude, you're doomed, how did you ever come up with that army?
Empire armies need three things to function: big guns, small guns or flying pointy sticks and detachments! You, unfortunetely, have none. My advice is to get a Militia set and make them into Archers.

07-02-2006, 00:54
I don't think you're doomed personally, you still have a fairly strong core of troops but depending on how it goes, you might be missing out on your support fire and artillery. Just make sure you keep your lads close together and the knights go straight for the beastmen elite/or their general.

Mad Makz
07-02-2006, 04:40
Actually, I think you have the making of quite a good list there...

I would split the Halberds as detachments, rather than the swords. Also if units of Great Swords can have detachments I'd definitely give them a Halberdier detachment to help out. So you could give the swordsmen a Free Company and Halberdier Detachment.

The Greatswords are going to be great Against Beastmen, Keep your knights within range to counter charge, and even if you get totally surrounded by the Beastmen you still are testing on leadership 8, and you are wounding them on 3's or 2's and have quite a good save for survivability. Stubborn troops really annoy them.

If nothing else I'd make one of the standards a battlestandard, to make those Great Swords REALLY hold, and you have a very solid anchor to a 1000 point force that your opponent will have a tough time dealing with.

07-02-2006, 06:33
The Swords and GSwords are really good units and a nice strong core, can't say much for the Halberdiers but hey.

The knights could be devestating if used correctly, basicially put your GSwords somewhere where they will be charged and position your Knights to flank charge anyone who does (since greatswords wont be going anywhere). Plus beastmen don't start off with lots of combat res anyway, I think those sword and Greatsword units will bone them over with the 4+ saves.