View Full Version : High Elf 2250 pts (Balanced)

18-01-2010, 18:01
This army is hopefully for every day type of games, where as my previous list further down the forum index is more for tournaments. I have included the models I like, and hopefully they work as an army.

Archmage-Level 4, Folariaths Robe, Jewel of the dusk, Dispel Scroll X2
Noble-Heavy Armour, Halberd, Std B, Banner of the world dragon
Mage- Anuulian Crystal

Lothern Seaguard-10

Phoenix Guard-14,Std B, banner of Sorcery
Whitelions-14, Std, Lion Standard
Sword Masters-14
Dragon Princes-5
Dragon Princes-5, Std B, Banner of Ellyrion
Shadow Warriors-5

Great Eagle
Great Eagle
The noble goes in the white lions, and the archmage goes in the phoenix guard. The other mage just finds a wood or hill to hide behind. The DP with banner are my attempt at surprising the other side by crossing ground that they didnt expect I could.

Looking at the army Im not sure if I should swap the dispell scroll with the anullain crystal, so the mage holds them.
I was also thinking about dropping the spearmen down to 10 and losing the command and getting a bolt thrower.
Im not sure whether to drop one DP unit and get another mage, or combine the DPs, though this would probably be a waste of points.