View Full Version : 1,000 points Asrai exploration force

Lord Xcalibur
03-02-2006, 17:38
Your sage advice would be greatly appreciated, as this army will be used against Tomb Kings, Skaven and Orcs&Goblins in the starting period of an upcoming campaign in our group.

I am trying to base it around the idea of an Asrai expedition force, an advance guard probing the area of an unfamiliar forest if you will. I've never used waywatchers, but is should be fun to try and they seem to fit perfectly with the idea of an expedition to help track enemies.

- Noble with great weapon, light armour and annoyance of nettlings
- Spellsinger (lvl1) with dispel scroll

- 11 Glade Guard with musician (spellsinger joins this group / 2x6 formation)
- 12 Dryads
- 6 Glade Riders with musician

- 14 eternal guard with full cmd. (noble joins this / 3x5 formation)

- 6 waywatchers

Many thanks in advance,

Lord Xcalibur

05-02-2006, 21:34
I would drop the Dryads and eternal guard. add in scouts and maybe warhawk riders. Also maybe look at losing the wizard and takeing 2 heros with either the scout or waywatcher ups.

not much use for effective play but would fit the theme a lil better I think.

I playtested the waywatchers and they rock.

ps if you keep the dryads switch out the spellsinger for a Lv1 branchwraith