View Full Version : 2000 point Adepticon Dark Elves wps:10.1

VC Billy
19-01-2010, 16:07
The Dlord will go with the BG while the master and assassin will almost always be in with the warriors with the banner of murder. No magic D other than the ring, but with the wps system I had to make some concessions. Thoughts? Questions? Critiques?

1 Dreadlord - 211 pts
w/ Sea Dragon Cloak
w/ Soulrender (great weapon with armor penetration)
w/ Blood Armor (+1 armor save per wound done per combat round)
w/ Pendant of Khaeleth (reverse ward save)

1 Master - 134 pts
w/ Halberd
w/ Armor of Darkness (1+ armor save)
w/ Pearl of Infinite Bleakness (bearer and unit immune to psych)

1 Death Hag (Battle Standard Bearer) @ 250 pts
w/ Cauldron of Blood
w/ Manbane (strength = targets toughness +1)

1 Assassin - 161 pts
w/ Extra Hand Weapon
w/ Hand of Khaine (-1 attack from model in b2b)
w/ Manbane (strength = targets toughness +1)
w/ Rune of Khaine (+D3 attacks)

18 Black Guard - 322 pts
w/ Champ & Ring of Hotek (any double = miscast within 12)
w/ Banner of Hag Graef (always strike first)

20 Dark Elf Warriors - 180 pts
w/ Full Command and Shields
w/ Banner of Murder (-1 to armor save)

20 Dark Elf Warriors - 170 pts
w/ Full Command and Shields
w/ Banner of Cold Blood (1 turn of cold blooded)

5 Dark Riders - 92 pts
w/ Musician

7 Shades - 126 pts
w/ Great Weapons

7 Harpies - 77 pts

1 War Hydra - 175 pts

1 Reaper Bolt Thrower - 100 pts

Total Roster Cost: 1998

The SkaerKrow
20-01-2010, 14:04
I don't like it. You lack good support and flanking units, and you're sinking a lot of points (Master + Assassin) into a fragile Warrior block. If that's your angle, I'd swap out the the second Warrior block (with Banner of Cold Blood) for a unit of Repeater Crossbowkin, and up the remaining block of Warriors to 25 models (which will preserve your rank bonus and give them some much needed staying power). The Blood Armor and Hand of Khaine are both poor investments by my estimation; the PoK makes the Blood Armor largely redundant, and the Hand of Khaine has very little practical application in game (if something survives your Assassin's attacks, he's most likely doomed anyhow). Manbane on the Cauldron's Death Hag is also somewhat questionable, as she and the Hags should be able to see off most enemy fliers/fast cavalry/scouts as they are.

Finally, you have no magic defense in an army without any way to assassinate enemy casters (this most often comes in the form of a flying monster). If you aren't going to bring a Scroll Caddy, you may at least want to consider the Seal of Ghrond.

20-01-2010, 17:18
I would find a way to beef up the harpies or split them into two small squads to better deal with caters and warmachines. That's just personal taste though. I'm not sure at that point level that the BG need to be that numerous, but should instead rely on other units for rank bonus. So if you drop some of them, you have more points. Love the hydra.

21-01-2010, 01:17
i always run blackguard 7 wide (usually always 13 plus char and always have a lord accompany it. With standard of hag graef (amulet of darkness on lord) and extra attack or KB from cauldron the unit can practically take anything WH can throw at it ( ps lord obv should have soulrender or GW, and i always prefer champion to have the crimson death..the St 6 weap.)