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19-01-2010, 19:32
Hello all I am still new to Fantasy, but I have played a few games with vampires using ideas from lists found here on WarSeer. After a bit of experience, I wanted to give a list of my own a shot and see what feedback I could get. Please let me know of any weaknesses you may see, illegal items, groupings etc. Or any other blatant mathhammer deficiencies.

Vampire Lord (205): Bunkered in Ghoul block
Magic Level (50)
Master of the Black Arts (50)
Dark Acolyte (30)
Lord of the Dead (15)
Helm of Commandment (30)
Skull Staff (65)
Lord Total (445)

Vampire (100): CR boost with Grave guards
Infinite Hatred (25)
Avatar of Death w/ GW (20)
Sword of Battle (15)
The Flayed Hauberk (25)
Vampire Total (185)

Vampire (100): Grouped with Blood Knights
Dread Knight (25)
Infinite Hatred (25)
BSB (25)
The Drakenhoff Banner (125)
Vampire Total (300)

Necromancer (55): mounted on Corpse cart in Skeleton unit
Extra Spell (15)
The Book of Arkhan (35)
Necromancer total (105)

Character Total (1035)

Skeletons 15 units Full command, Banner of Endless Nightmare, Spears (180),
I plan on using them with the Necro/CC to be a large block of static CR

Zombies 20 units with a bearer and musician (92), core requirement filler and tarpit

Ghoul 19 units with a Ghast upgrade (160), simple bunker with a ghast to field challenges.

Corpse cart with Loadstone (100)

Dire Wolves 5 units (40), Frenzy screen for blood knights or other bait, whichever comes first.

Grave Guard 19 units full command, Banner of the Barrows, Great Weapons (322), I plan on having this be my main hammer receiving the WS from the lord with +1 to hit from the banner.

Blood Knights 5 units with a bearer and the Banner of the Dead Legion (320), I plan on having this unit be my main flank unit with the double US banner to help reduce any resistance.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Johnny Sigmar
21-01-2010, 01:52
It's decent and a very good template. You can't use a great weapon and the sword of battle on the same model, you'll be forced to always use the SoB. I'd drop the Sword of battle and get a Black periapt instead. Also I'd trade the Endless Nightmare banner for the warbanner as you'll always get +1 out of it, instead of having to have 4 ranks(they're the same points so it's kind of a no brainer).

I'd consider the Strigos banner (hatred banner) on the Grave Guard, as it would benefit the whole unit meaning you might be able to drop the infinite hatred on the Vampire in that unit and get Dark Acolyte instead to help boost your magic phase.

You also might want to look into at least one dispel scroll, they're potentially the best 25pts. you'll ever spend.

21-01-2010, 09:07
Definately drop the sword of battle for the black periapt. I disagree with the standard of strigoi. The Guard will most likely always use the lords WS7. Against most foes the +1 to hit will cause the Guard to then hit on 2+, even after the first round of combat. I would however drop Hatred off the vamp that is with the Guard. Instead I'd pick up Walking Death or Beguile. I'd drop the banner off the zombies. If they get wiped out (which is a decent probability) it's free victory points for your opponent. The musician is cheap enough to warrant keeping however.

Other than that the list looks fine.

21-01-2010, 14:42
Thank you Johnny and R.E.G. I had no idea about the GW/SOB conflict. I'll also clean up my banner choices. Again I appreciate the advice and expertise you were both willing to share.

22-01-2010, 00:18
dude for the bloodknights use the magic banner that gives them hatred its much better than the dead legion because youll beet em in combat so bad that they will need double 1"s