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Commissar JVE
20-01-2010, 19:03
Well to the point!!!!

I have a Space Wolf Army and I am shopping around for a 2nd and 3rd armies.....please give me advice on what army to consider and why I should go out and spend money on that army? Please!!!!! ;)

20-01-2010, 19:07
Railgun Tau my friend, the range will feel diff coming from the wolf point of view, and who needs more guard i say! However,the Tau need an update on the codex.

Commissar JVE
20-01-2010, 19:20
hmmm...interesting....I have like the Fluff of Tau!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

20-01-2010, 19:24
Give us some parameters to work to when asking questions like this, such as do you want a very different army to Wolves. Do you want a shooty or a CC army? What have you considered so far?
If you put a few bits of information like this in when you create the thread you will get much better advice.

20-01-2010, 19:27
I feel like the tau are a nice change of pace to my own wolves, it throws my gaming group into a fit wondering if Im gonna face their ranged wrath against my wolves, or do they face my hammerheads and sweat a little. Be warned, though I love everything about the tau , there are only a very few builds that are effective.

Commissar JVE
20-01-2010, 19:35
Well I love my Wolves and looking at something the complete opposite....and Tau are a good fit as well.....What army out there would give the Wolves a good little Battle, but not be chezzy at the same time?

20-01-2010, 21:14
Guard, for the lack of CC strength, and lack of heroics. It's just ordinary guys doing their job. Endless model ranges, but maybe you want non imperium...

Then Tau are are a good option. Foul xenos, but a totally diffrent play style.

As are Eldar. Diffrent feel to use, due to most things being fragile, and having very well defined roles, unlike SW generalists, and very different models.

Daemons are a good contrast to marines, but are very random.

Eldar or Guard are my picks for contrast and a challenge to Wolves, though.

20-01-2010, 21:41
Seeing as you want something completely opposite to wolves Id agree with the others on this thread and go for either Tau or Guard.
In terms of giving your Wolves a good game guard would be your best bet as they have the more recent and competative codex at the moment.