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21-01-2010, 06:02
I'm just wondering if any of you might have some input. I'm wondering how an empire army that has wizards and priests as it's lord and hero choices would be viewed as far as army comp goes. If the wizards were all casting from like minded schools that went well with the priests faith, would it be looked at favorably? Say, Taal and Rhya, who basically represent nature, life, etc. paired up with wizards who cast from the lore of life or maybe beast. Or wizards casting from death and shadow paired with priests of Morr (Death)

Any input?

21-01-2010, 06:22
As long as it doesn't have a Walter, I'll be fine.

I can deal with VHS and any magic you bring perfectly fine, it's that that scares me.

21-01-2010, 08:20
In the province of reikland sigmaritism is the largest religion and warriorpriests should not be uncommon. The wizard colleges are situated in the same province.....fluff O.K.
Neither priests nor wizards are broken gamewise......rules O.K.

21-01-2010, 14:14
Thank you. I'm a little green as to what a Walter is? Can anyone help explain

21-01-2010, 14:19
Walter = war alter and another is Stank = steam tank.

21-01-2010, 16:30
Nothing wrong with Walter ;)

21-01-2010, 18:17
The only annoying thing about a war alter....its a bugger to destroy.
Its not that offensive though - I faced arch lector on walter, priest, 2 level 2s with bound items and its never that bad - sure they push through a spell or 2 here which hurts, but no more than any other armies magic phase.
In combat its just annoying as it wont break - but again other than impact hits (IF it gets it) what can it do? Sure the dude riding the walter can carry a portable great cannon, but so what?!
The fluff behind having priests and wizards together is fine, because actually the empire generals and priests dont even like engineers - who they look down on - yet the various factions always have to come together in battle.
As for comp, well with all the magic heavy armies out there you have no choice but to bring on the magic defence - otherwise you can sit back and watch your army be destroyed in a hail of spells.

22-01-2010, 14:50
That's odd, though I'm a Empire newb, the "Walter" didn't really have that much impact on me for some reason. I do see some value in it and it's not bad on points, but it just didn't seem that strong to me.

22-01-2010, 15:54
The War Altar is a gift from the heavens. Considering that you can take that, 2 steam tanks and a unit of Flagellants, you can have 4 unbreakable units. Great when you want to counter-charge. Add to that the level 5 bound spell and the two bound spells of the person on top of it - Who will by necessity almost always have the Speculum, making him nearly indestructible against uber-heroes - and you have a real problem for any army without cannons.

That's 3 guaranteed dispel dice pulled from the enemy a turn and probably more if they really want to stop you.

And Vampire/Chaos people love it when you say "Okay... What are your stats? Cool. Those are mine. You get two strength 4 attacks. YAY!"

22-01-2010, 16:31
Well put Memnos. Perhaps I need to look into building one of these beauties

22-01-2010, 16:44
Remember to add a filthy weapon or at least a great weapon along with the VHS and then you're really in business!

22-01-2010, 20:00
The VHS is one of the best things about playing empire. All your characters are atrociously bad at fighting compared to everyone else but at least you have a chance to turn that liability into an opportunity.

05-02-2010, 11:21
The VHS is one of the best things about playing empire. All your characters are atrociously bad at fighting compared to everyone else but at least you have a chance to turn that liability into an opportunity.

It's most fun when it's put on a Wizard Lord with the Hammer of Judgment.

"Okay, so I charge your Bloodthirster. You get 1 strength 3 attack. I get a bazillion strength 6 attacks. You're T 3, so every hit, make a T check or automatically suffer a wound with no armour save. If you pass, I wound you on 2s."

05-02-2010, 11:35
Back on topic, a wizard lord and priests won't get comp hit at all. In fact seeing as your giving up ld 9 you might get a bonus.

Back to the war alter, just throw a 50 point unit of skaven slaves at it (or something equally crappy) and its pretty much taken out for the game.

05-02-2010, 11:48
Off topic, but its: altAr! In this context, Waltar

Alter is a verb. From wikipedia: "To alter generally means to change something but may also mean "the other of two", which is the meaning of the Latin adjective alter."