View Full Version : Archaon rules question.

22-01-2010, 21:48
In the rather badly worded rules for Archaon's gift from papa nugrle, it states that Archie and any unit he is with are targeted by ranged fire at -1 to hit, the last sentance then states that units in close combat are at -1 to hit as well but the last sentance does not specify if this abliity is confered to the unit Archie joins or just applies to himself. Could I get a second pair of eyes to look at this akward paragraph and give me your opinions?

22-01-2010, 22:00
As it doesn't say anything about who it affects, it can be assumed that it works in the same way as the shooting penalty (i.e. at both Archaon and his unit).

22-01-2010, 22:08
I read it as him and his unit for both. However it is badly worded and can be taken both ways. If your opponent disagrees, then the best you are going to get really is a dice off.