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23-01-2010, 22:34
Okay, I just walked away from a 3 round, 8 player tournament with the win with this Greenskin army. My opponents were Chaos Warriors, High Elves and Chaos Warriors (rather lucky overall).

Black Orc Big Boss (General)
heavy armour, shield, armed to da teef, Nibbla's Itty Ring

Black Orc Battle Standard
heavy armour, armed to da teef, Mork's Spirit Totem

Orc Shaman
Lvl 2, power stone, dispell scroll

2 Night Goblin Units of 32
full command, spears, shields, nets, 3 fanatics

2 Night Goblin Units of 20
musician, short bows, hand weapons, 2 fanatics

6 Bolt Throwers with Bullies
240 @ 40 each

Doom Diver

My basic tactic was to deploy the spear units side by side with General and Shaman in one unit and the Battle standard in the other. My archers deploy on either side of these units, and my artillery goes wherever, usually on a hill or on the flanks but split into at least two groups. Advance as necessary to the enemy and rain down fire with the artillery at whatever picks my fancy (knight and monsters die first, then major combat infantry units). Special scenario events didn't even factor in except for deployment in the first game towards my wins.

Chaos fell rather easily as they couldn't handle the fanatics and the mass of ranged combat. The only reason I'm sure I beat the High Elves is that my first bolt thrower shot on turn 1 killed an entire unit of 5 Ellyrean Reavers (in the flank, perfect rolling). Luckily, I didn't have to fight Vampires, ethereal would have been my end.

Before anyone asks, there was no grading for 'sportsmanship' (ie. army composition), though I feel I was a good sport everywhere, explaining my army to anyone who didn't know.

So, comments? Criticism? People who think they can tear it apart with their own massive gunline?

Also, if anyone is in the area of Thunder Bay, there will be another tournament at the Game Shelf on Memorial in about two months at 2000 points.

05-02-2010, 05:08
Alright, bumping the list.

Just a word of warning, though, I don't want to hear people saying they will not play this list. I brought this to a tournament where I was told that if the list was legal by the books then it was good to go. That includes special characters. There would be no judgement on army composition. As such, I brought an army made for war.

So, once again, please no talk on how this army is "cheesy". I'm looking for improvements, not insults. Maybe if we all played cheesy, big scary monsters wouldn't dominate the game so much and the rank and file would start meaning something once again?

05-02-2010, 06:44
The list is fine, my only comment would be I dont like seeing orc characters when theres no core orc units in there - at all! I'd have at least thrown in a unit of arrer boyz (even just 10 strong) to give the orc leaders some meaning.
spear chuckas are the way to go in large numbers if you want to bring things down fast - at 2 for 1 and just 80pts a pair inc bullies....i hope they dont nerf them next edition!
You got lucky though - WoC dont like Gobblins, and you faced them twice. I played them with a 1000pts of gobbos that had just 2 spear chuckas and 2 fanatics and I creamed them - he did not kill a single unit of mine (I took causalties, but lost no VP other than rolling double 6 for movement on 1 fanatic, and the other one whirled off the board never to come back!)
This list though is beatable, I'd look at adding some variaty by adding at least 1 unit of orc boyz to go with the warboss - at least you got a decent combat unit incase something comes too close to you. And for Gorks sake give him a cheap magic weapon, what would you do v's the vamps?!

06-02-2010, 00:09
Magic weapon? Yeah, I know about the problem with Vamps, somewhat. Are Vampires themselves able to become ethereal? I haven't read the new book. If not then its wraiths and spirit hosts in which case I'm just hitting with a unit that has 5 static res and magic on the approach. The Vampire will also be facing one or two 'Eadbutt attempts per turn. In the meantime I can choose between 2 choppas or a great axe on both my big bosses and that works wonderfully for me.

Orcs? I've got 6 of them other than the characters. (see me grinning?) The fluffy justification is a group of Orcs too proud to join Grimgor's Waaagh! but having all the Orcs leave. All they're left with is a bunch of gobbos and those too weak to leave. Yeah, it's a weak excuse but I use the Orcs to make the goblins work for me.

06-02-2010, 16:06
Man, you're using orcs. Anytime someone tells you you're being cheesy (except ogres, possibly), show them where to get off.

To be honest, i'd wonder about the lack of march blockers. A couple of wolf rider units in there would cause nightmares - redirect frenzy, extra turns for shooting...

However, to be more effective, you could probbaly do with more magic and less combat. At 2k, Snarsnik could help with both, and allow you 3 Lv2s to blast stuff. BSB with goblins is always a little pointless i find.