View Full Version : DoC Nurgle BSB Modeling input

24-01-2010, 05:30
So I need to model my BSB for my Nurgle Daemon army. I want something unique that not many others would have. I have the champion from the nurgle command box. I have the standard bearer nurgle beastman person. I cut the banner pole off the beastman. The idea is to have a hand coming out of the Champion (where the pointing hand is) and holding the banner. The banner would be thrusted outwards in front of the model with the sword behind him. I am using some of the older plaugebearer models as champions and the new champions as Heralds.

Is this a decent idea? What do others use to resemble Demonic BSBs?

24-01-2010, 11:42
Sure, that could work. My own nurgle herald was made from an orc body with legs with new feet, spawn arms and head, and alot of greenstuff. I the put him on a palaquin and then proceeded to mount a bunch of banners on the palaquin, so my herald is not carrying the banners himself but they are still represnted on the model. With Nurgle heralds in general though you cant really go wrong, you could feild anything from a glob of slime to a fairly human looking model.