View Full Version : 750pts Beasts of Chaos list

24-01-2010, 14:14
On tuesday I´m starting in a campaign in my gaming club.
I´ve had around 800 points of BoC for some years, but I´ve hardly played with them at all.
So, with the new book on the horizon and a campaign starting up I figured it would be a good time to start playing fantasy again.
I´ve always loved the beastmen fluff and now that they´re going a bit away from chaos worship I like it even more.

Beast herd, 8 Gors, add hw, 8 Ungors, fc
Beast herd, 8 Gors, add hw, 8 Ungors, fc

2 Tuskgor chariots, MoCu

10 Khorngors, FC, Warbanner

Wargor, MoK, Chaos Armour, gw

If I remember correctly that´ll come to just about 750.
As for my opposition, there´ll be:

1 Khorne WoC
1 Skaven
2 WE
1 Empire
1 VC
2 DE
1 Bret
1 LM