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24-01-2010, 15:36
I have a question as to the rumors of an 8th Edition rule book for Fantasy: If we do see a new WHB rule book this year, what are the possibilities of wound allocation being adapted from the 40k rule book for units that have multiple wounds? The reason I ask is because if such a rule were adapted, it would make said units much harder to kill and give them an easier time of making their points back ingame.

A unit of five Dragon Ogre's, for example, could take 15 unsaved wounds before models start dying instead of 3. A unit of 3 Kroxigor would take six unsaved wounds. The Ogre Kingdoms lists would suddenly become competitive.

I understand the fluff behind 40k wound allocation, that squadmates are "in reality" constantly moving and thus harder for one single model to be hit more than once. Granted, that allows Marine Players to keep their plasma cannons but it also makes Tyranid Warriors and other multi-wound units a lot harder to kill.

For Fantasy, I'm sure that this could be applied to marching blocks in some way, like multi-wound units are simply made of sterner stuff than average troops and can withstand barrages and assaults that would kill a man outright. That part is up for debate, as due to the blocks of infantry utilised in Fantasy, single wound parade blocks have no use for this rule.

What are everyone's opinions on it? Is it a good idea?

24-01-2010, 15:38
Sounds like this one would favor multi-wound troops too much. Also, don't the models have to be equipped w/different options for this to even work in 40K? Fantasy doesn't really allow for that either...with rare exceptions like the Ogre Maneaters.

24-01-2010, 15:49
Yeah, wound allocation in 40k doesn't work like that. They'd need to be differently equipped and afaik there's very few Fantasy units that work that way.

24-01-2010, 17:33
Yeah, wound allocation in 40k doesn't work like that. They'd need to be differently equipped and afaik there's very few Fantasy units that work that way.

Yeah, I was about to say the same thing! Honestly, Ogres were a lost cause the day Gav Thorpe first conceived them. If they do ever get redone then GW should consider wiping the whole slate clean fluffwise and turn them into a nomadic conglomerate of other eastern races like Hobgoblins with a mongol horde theme.

As they stand the army's fluff too clsoely mirrors Orcs&goblins, and the list will never be playable so long as you can only choose between weeny noblars and big fat ogres.

24-01-2010, 17:44
I... guess this could work, though it would diminish the effectiveness of War Machines quite a bit.

24-01-2010, 17:49
lets not get off topic. Anyway in fantasy the only unit customization is the command. Wound allocation can be useful on cavalry units, but big block's of troops it would have no effect

24-01-2010, 17:55
Having mistakenly played a game like this back in fourth edition, when Beastmen had two wounds each, I can wholeheartedly say that I hope this never happen! By removing a wound from each model in the unit before taking casualties it became almost impossible to reduce the combat effectiveness of a unit before it reached your lines, even against a relatively small unit of 12 models.

24-01-2010, 18:02
Indeed and if this does come into play I'd like the points for some multi-wound models such as trolls and ogres increased slightly to compensate for this incredible advantage.

24-01-2010, 19:01
40k also has the Instant Death mechanic that units of multi-wound models can still be taken down a peg fairly easily.

Without this (and other stuff) this would, in my opinion, just be WAY too powerful in WFB. You would never be able to reduce the combat effectiveness of combat-based units sufficiently before they reached you to balance it out.

24-01-2010, 19:18
So, hits get distributed evenly.
Models then take wounds from those hits only, excess wounds dont spill over onto other models.
So potentially a unit of 3 ogres can take 6 wounds before losing a model.

Although in practice this is rather unlikely to ever happen.
Works almost exactly the same as it currently does for ranked units as well.

Bit problematic for large units of multi-wound models though.
Also combat is a bit of an issue as you'll always make the back models take the extrra wounds, not the front ones that are in base contact.

Certainly can be made to work very well though.
Most people don't take units that would be problematic.
We can also remove the "you can't hit a character in a unit" rule that exists at the moment.

Certainly a possible rule that may exist in 8th.

24-01-2010, 20:05
I don't know about 40K, but allowing you to pool damage throughout a unit's multi-wound miniatures sounds like the creation of the next variant of death stars.

24-01-2010, 20:13
As has been pointed out, it only effects different equipt models. So 20 beastmen with 2 wounds each takes 10 wounds will lose 5 models.

Ultimately though it wouldnt work as well under the Fantasy rules set as the game these days handles functionally differently to 40K (where they previously used tp be the same rules set with minor alterations to fit the style). I doubt we shall see WFB working to the same form as 40K anytime soon as the reason 40K did what it did was to substantially change the style of game it was from WFB.

Mr. Gobbo
25-01-2010, 00:15
Just imagine it, a unit of 20 Ironguts with gnoblars protecting the flanks. Strength 7 bull charge, full rank bonus, and 40 wounds before a single ogre falls! Now that is deadly!

25-01-2010, 00:25
Thinking about it, it also makes multi-wound units exceptionally hard to panic, as they don't take casualties until everything has been reduced to one wound.