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24-01-2010, 21:09
I am playing a game during a campaign next week and just wanted a quick lookover of my list by someone other than me :P I still have 66 points left to spend but cannot find a place to spend it

Level 2 sorceress w/ dark steed and darkstar cloak
Level 2 sorceress w/ dark steed and seal of ghrond
5 dark riders w/ Xbows and musician
5 dark riders w/ Xbows and musician
5 dark riders w/ Xbows and musician
5 dark riders w/ Xbows and musician
7 shades w/ Great weapons
8 shades w/ Great weapons

Assassin is there to kill any heavy armored cavelry units that have a chance of screwing up my stratergy and taking out war machines on the first turn before they do anything significant. Standard settup up getting fast cav behind enemy lines and shooting+magicing things to death. My main opponent in the campaign is using high elves with swordsman of H and a few bolt throwers so hopefully i can shoot the swordsman to death and take the bolt throwers out using the assassin.

Model Count: 37
Thanks for the C&C, jon

Skritt the Vomitous
24-01-2010, 22:53
Im no Expert on Dark Elves, But maybe drop a unit of Riders and take a chariot, just to give some punch when charging, as a chariot is ALWAYS a useful addition to an army, and T5 in an elf army is just nasty
It also fits in with the army as it is still mounted and fast.

24-01-2010, 23:36
i would drop a unit of dark riders to get a unit of harpies.

25-01-2010, 14:37
What warmachines are you afraid of losing? You don't seem to have any. Also, I doubt you will see many tough heavy cav units at 1250.

25-01-2010, 16:38
Edited first post, change is assassin to hydra :P and an extra shade for some punch

25-01-2010, 16:53
I'd take a scroll on the sorceress with the Darkstar Cloak, and maybe a power stone o the other (assuming you've still got the 66 points left to spend after that edit?)

I'd also drop a unit of dark riders for some harpies, maybe 2 units of 5- you've got plenty of shooting as it is with 15 shades and 10 dark riders.

Any points left over, just spend them on shades.

30-01-2010, 19:18
after a bit of playtesting i have decided to go in a completely different direction:

Level 2 sorceress w/ seal of ghrond
Level 2 Sorceress w/ 2x dispel scroll
3x 5 dark riders w/ muscians and Repeater crossbows
2x 6 shades w/ great weapons
2x Assassins w/ manbane, rending stars and additional hand weapon

6 power dice
5 dispel dice and 2 scrolls
Some obscenely low model count

I decided to drop the hyrda as it just acted like a fire magnet by itself and have decided to add 2 at the next points upage. I have taken 2 manbane stars assassins as alot of the armies are using chariots/giants/ heavy cavelry that i had trouble taking down with mass bowfire from my first list and my hydra counted be everywhere at once. The heavy magic defence is because 2 VC armies are in the campaign aswell as a O&G army that took 3 lvl2s but the mages i have chosen are level 2 because some armies dont have any magic defense appart from magic resist on certain units and lore of metal will help against the heavy cavelry im having trouble with.
C&C welcome J