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25-01-2010, 16:27
First try at making a Bretonia list(just for a friendly game, but would like advices)


Virtue of Audacity, Sword of the Lady's champion, Gromril Great Helm
Grail vow
Shield, Barded Warhorse
Point: 262

Damsel lvl 2
The Ruby Goblet
Point: 145

7 Grail knights
Point: 266


Damsel lvl 2
Chalice of Malfleur
Warhorse, Barded
Point: 139

5 Knight of the Realm, FC, Banner of Châlons
Points: 154


Damsel lvl 2
Dispel Scroll
Point: 140

5 Mounted Yeomen, Musician
Points: 82


Battle Standard bearer
Morning Star of Fracasse, Armor of Agilulf
warhorse,Barding, Questing Vow
Point: 132

8 Questing Knights, Full Command
Valorous Standard
Point: 301


10 Bowmen, braziers
Points: 65


10 Bowmen
Points: 60


9 Knight Errant, Standard
Errantry Banner
Points: 214


5 Knight Errants, Champion
Points: 100


5 Knight Errants, Champion
Points: 100


Points: 90


army total 2250 points

PD: 8
DD: 5-6 + 1 DS


I must admit I had a hard time placing my Lord, If I moved him into a Unit of None Grails He wouldn't have ITP, an In a Unit of Grails the Unit become a bit to Expensive at 673 points... :shifty:
However How would his odds be outside of a Unit with his current Equipment?

Also been awhile since I last read about GW on mounted, but as far as i recall it means not using shield in CC and it gives +1 S instead of +2, finally Does it still give you ASL? that's the part I'm not sure about

25-01-2010, 20:18
He'd take a cannon to the face...

Best thing to do with the lord: drop him. Take more knights.

Best thing to do with all that magic: drop it. All you should need is one caddie at the most. Bret magic is weak and it's even weaker when you take into effect that a lot of it needs LOS while they are in the center of the lance.

Your biggest problem is that you have too much in character. You have 818 points (36%) in characters and without a doubt the same cost of knights would preform a lot better.

I'd also very strongly rethink that mounted damsel travelling around in the mounted yeomen.

25-01-2010, 23:00
thanks for your reply Malorian

Hmm... Dropping the lord is possible but his ld 9 and use against high Toughness opponents will be missed, ofcause I could give him the questing vow instead and give him Sword of heroes instead that should get his points down a bit

What is your experience with 5 Knights strong Bretonia Regiments? should I go for 6 instead for 2 ranks of 3 or is only large 9 Knights the really effective one?

The Main reason for the 3 damsels were to bring some DD and MR. My usual opponents will at least be having 6 power dices likely as much as 10 PD and I think 3 DD + 2 DS will be to little, if more DS is the only alternative i'd rather not(personal opinion more than 2 DS is no fun)
After all my game would be to based upon destroying his game rather than making my own, though I suppose I should easily be able to make them all lvl 1 instead which bring enough point for another regiment of Knights(getting the points spend on characters down to 692~ 30,75%)

Should give me 126 points to spend on knights

Would you say a Damsel is more safe in a unit of 5 Knights than in a unit of 5 Yeomen?

Could you confirm or deny my question about mounted Great Weapons?

26-01-2010, 15:25
Units of 5 can work well for either resilient bait units, ones that can go after weaker prey like warmachines, or even flankers (where the extra rank bonus doesn't matter).

The big thing I push about magic defense for Brets is this: is the amount of points you are spending in stopping magic going to be equal to or more to the point value of knights that would be killed if you didn't have that defense?

You have 424 points in magic defense, so do you really think it would save the death of 17.6 knights of the realm or 21.2 knights errant? When you are charging on turn two I highly doubt it.

Now there are some spells worth stopping, ones like vanhels that are not damage related but are game winning spells, and this is why I think one scroll caddie is ok.

The damsel would be more safe with the 5 knights but would be even better in a large unit (and if you are only taking one this won't be a problem).

Great weapons while mounted only give +1 str. Kinda sucks for questing knights but I still like them and use them in every singe battle for their ability to reroll tests and for the only knight unit with any punch after the charge to use against those unit that won't break.

26-01-2010, 21:26
made a version 2, this one might be my final list so going to pm it so my opponent won't "accidentally read it"

thanks for the clarification

The Boy Harker
27-01-2010, 12:19
im painting a bretonian army at the moment, and from few test games ive played, ive found that a level one damsel with a pair of scrolls is enough at lower points levels, upping it to two of them at 2k points.
they get MR1 and the blessing's ward save to keep them alive, and by sticking them in a unit of Men At Arms, it deters people from trying to take her out with shooting & combat - too many bodies to shoot, and a decent static combat res.
if your opponent takes lots of mages, why dont you consider a paladin on a pegasus with a lance or great weapon, and send him mage hunting? Im using on in my 1k list, and its proved effective so far.

27-01-2010, 17:53
Why make up an expensive and easy to cannon snipe paladin to kill mages (and then break from the CR of the unit) instead of just hitting the unit with a lance and running the whole thing down ;)

Bretonnian characters are tempting (coolness factor) but they are very rarely worth it compared to just taking knights.

The Boy Harker
28-01-2010, 12:47
mainly because my usual opponents dont have many (if any) cannons or bolt throwers, and reducing their magic offense makes it easier to get my knights into combat intact on turn 3 or 4 for a decisive charge.
IMO its worth risking a 150pt mage hunter if it helps you win the game.
more often than not, when he inevitably breaks from combat after spearing the mage on his lance, he flees far enough to avoid being run down, and then can rally to potentially get a combined charge against the unit with the knights who will now (hopefully) be in position to get stuck in.
also, i like the model, and I find the wyrmlance is more effective on a pegasus pally than on a regular one, as he more chance to get into position to us it's special ability.

Col. Frost
28-01-2010, 15:00
If you really are that worried about your enemys Magic Phase, then all your Damsel's only need to be level 1 and loaded up on scrolls. Thats 390 points assuming they are all on horseback. For this you get 5+ DD per turn and 6 scrolls.

And for the cost of a Paladin on a Peg, you could buy a unit of KoTR of Errants. These would last a lot longer and would prove more useful and can still get the mage killing done.