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Lamont Cranston
25-01-2010, 20:17
I am thinking of starting Ogre Kingdoms, because I hear that they are a fun low model count army. I was wondering just how low, like besides gnoblars how many bulls and stuff do you think you need? Also are Yeties good?

25-01-2010, 20:25
Well the models you need depends on your list ;)

I would suggest starting with 1 bruiser, the required bulls, and then fill in the rest with ironguts. Then modify from there.

Personally I run mine with a wall of 6 units of 20 gnoblars but I'd proxy it before you go out and buy it as that kind of build isn't as popular as the MSU irongut build.

Yhetees are ok in larger games but when you start off they are just more expensive ogres that die just as easily.

25-01-2010, 20:36
Yhetees are ok in larger games but when you start off they are just more expensive ogres that die just as easily.

And they are really ugly.

25-01-2010, 20:38
Yeay! A new Ogre fan! You should also try out the ogrestronghold - great site for pure Ogre fans.

As to ogres....

For the 1st buy grab the battalion box - theres enough gnoblars there to actually make 40 of the critters, not 20, but you have to buy more bases (as the battalion only comes with enough for 20).

You need

1) Bulls - no choice as you have to have at least 1 unit. I prefer them in units of 3 with a bellower (musician). Lots of mixed views as to what to give them, but I find its either

Additional handweapn
Light armour, iron fist (gives them a 4+ save in combat)

The 2nd option is VERY expensive!

I would say build at least 2 units of 3 from the 6 you can build from the box.

2) IronGuts - these guys are your workhorses! You get 4 per battalion box, but by adding a bellower you will have 5. With the new beastman comming out it also means theres TONS of people who will be buying minotaurs, ask them if they are using their greatweapons - if now SNAG THEM! The scale is perfect for Irongut conversions to hold great weapons.
At LEAST 2 units of 3-4 are needed.

As for the rest....

Yhetees - quite possibly the best flankers in the game - very verstatile critters! Love them, love them, love them!
Maneaters - some hate them, I love them! theres many reasons why I love
Ah crap - got ot go back to work, I will be back with proper post!

25-01-2010, 20:50
Ogres are, to be honest, one of the worst-performing armies in the game at the moment. They're also my favorite army to play, go figure.

The most effective army revolves around lots and lots of Ironguts with very little else--a few Bull units for screening, some Gnoblars here and there, but that's about it. The best advice I can give you goes as follows:

1. Always take a Tyrant. He's still one of the nastier fighters in the game, and the Ld 9 is essential for keeping the army together. The Tyrant should practically always be equipped with the Tenderizer. Just do it.

2. Butchers are the best heroes you can take, especially with things like Skullmantle, Bangstick, Hellheart, and Dispel Scrolls. A Bruiser with the BSB is the second-best choice. Hunters really don't do so well.

3. Ironguts are better than Bulls, but neither should have any command options or extra equipment for that matter. Many units of 3 Ogres is the way to go. Take a unit of 8 or so Trappers and perhaps 2 units of 20 Fighters.

4. As far as special units go, Leadbelchers and Yhetees have their uses, again in very, very small units. 2 Leadbelchers do a great job of anchoring a flank, since everyone seems inordinately afraid of them.

5. Take 2+ Gorgers or don't take any. If you can get away with it, take Bull Rhinox Riders every chance you can get.

Hope this helps some.

25-01-2010, 21:05
I once again would like to add that Leadbelchers are the thing to have, my army has 3 units of 4 belchers and they are the best of fun. Each Leadbelcher can fire 1 artillery dice worth of shots, which is just impressive. A unit of my belchers already completely wiped a unit of 10 boar boys and a unit of 10 black knights off the board with one salvo of shots. (different games obviously) The boar boys was the most memorable; the unit of boars wants to charge, so I decide to stand and shoot as a reaction. I roll the 4 dice and roll 32 (WTF) shots, needless to say that when the smoke cleared the boar boyz were no more but a vague memory.

Take at least 2 units of 4 Belchers and remember get them to stand still for one turn, so they can reload and go for another salvo a lethal shrapnel.

Enjoy and welcome to the great maw!!!

25-01-2010, 21:37
Hey, my first ever post. been playing for years and recently got back on the WFB scene after a few years in 40k and other games i too am looking at ogres as they like drinking and scrapping so its right up my street, just wondering if they really are a 'fun' army rather than actually being a decent enough force to be rekoned with? Also any idea when we due a new army book? I have been looking at your comments here and it seems you rate small units of IG/Bulls but (not played the latest edition) do you suffer against ranked up, command rank etc enemy formations?? I can undersand having 3 wounds a pop but how do we fare on combat resolutions?

25-01-2010, 22:06
They are always fun, and if you get good with them they are not so bad. I beat a daemon player the other day. He took two maxed units of flamers and lots of magic, and I still pulled out a minor victory. killing his plaguebearers unit in one round was lots of fun.

The main thing with ogres is you need a little luck with them. If they fluff their attacks, its all over. Also, always try to get a flank with them. Three Ironguts in your flank is never a good day.