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Rich 123
05-02-2006, 12:40
Hello all. This is an idea Ive had floating about my head vaguely for a while and when I couldnt get to sleep last night decidded to quickly put some of the ideas to paper. Sorry about the crummy drawing, couldnt find the particular pencils I like drawing with and I was tired.

I was thinking that as a lord got caught up in the slow elevation to deamonhood his body would swell and bulge from mutaion to fill his armour and then break its way out. So I was thinking his spine and muscled back would be pushing through the armour on his back, torn open as he grew. As well as both his upper arms and legs being naked.

I also thought it would be fun if his weapons were like a massive pair of powerfists but with a variation of a chainaxe strapped to the back of each (short enough that the fists can still be used for combat and manipulation). These could be pretty big and ornate due to the position on his gloves, away from his body. The sketch also shows two sets of chain teeth on each chainsword, I thought that would jazz it up a bit. Although I think thses blades need to be rather heftilly bigger for the finished thing ....

The face would be based of the sort of lower jaw the Predator alien has as thats quite fun - and seems perfect for something dedicated to slaughter appreciate his kill ;) A little idea, hard to see, is that he has very prominant cheek bones. Originally an accident it seemsed quite good. As this guy is mutating his armour and his body are becomign fused together along with a daemonic essence, so his face too on some of the characteristics of a terminators helmet :) I dunno, it was an idea !

Ive been wanting to do an extensive chaos concersion for a while, although I wont be starting this soon until Ive got some more of my marine force complete and have a commission lined up too. However, Im quite excited by this potentially.

If theres any thoughts that I could add to this it would be great :)


Rabid Bunny 666
05-02-2006, 16:35
at a glance, i'd unpointy the feet, they just don't look right, apart from that, looks good

05-02-2006, 17:07
Hmmm, interesting, particularly the chainaxe design, I think the proof will be in the modelling though, and it will be quite a feat to replicate this.


Rich 123
05-02-2006, 21:20
What I was thinking is that he is, suppsoedly, some supreme champion of Khorne and I was thinkin gthat maybe the joints in his armour would have little points as if every part of it could be used as a potential weapon. Skulls needn't be taken fairly ;)

However, I did feel the feet where maybe a little too over the top with the pointnyess. A bit too gothic and Imperial. i wanted them chunky but this seems wrong as you said too Rapid Bunny :)

THis will be a pretty big project TG. I havent done anythign chaos in ages. Lav was trying to talk me into the carnage tournie so I said Id actually get my marines done by next year's one. Hey, I cant play, but he said thats alright ! With the marine army project going on as well as a large commission of battlesuits I wanted something that I could tinker with. Slowly add littl ebits here and there while working on other projects, while green stuff is drying and stuff, the way I work with GS I often have to take little curing breaks.

Personally, in my opinion I think I can do this alright (without sounding conceited of course!). The drawing is just a simple representation of what I have in mind.

What I basically have in my mind is something like the GW deamon prince but without the deamonic stature (he wont be small though!) as well as being obviously devoted to khorne.

I have many more details in mind than this picture could really accomodate (or that I could be bothered to draw with the crummy pen I had). There will eventually be progress posted in the P&T forum once Ive made enough, intermittant, progress on this chap to properly show enough of the idea for you all :)


Rabid Bunny 666
05-02-2006, 21:45
looking at the chainfist things, those blades would need to be longer otherwise the lord would have to backhand his enemies to death :)

and is that going to be the actual pose of it? fiven your awesome sculpting skills, i think that it would be wasted on a model if it was made standing like that

Rich 123
05-02-2006, 22:02
Thank you for your kind comment Rabid Bunny :0

Well the picture as there is no context to the mini isnt any good at showing the pose. What i was thinking was hi sleft leg raised right up, running at full sprint. with one arm flung out to the side, the other bent facing forwards. The position of the chainaxes would mean that on the charge the weapons would be most useful out in front to slash enemies on either side. The blades really did work out quite small on this drawing. They will have to be bigger to look like any chainaxe a kgornate follower might use ;) An angle and curve an well as a bigger broader blade would look good I think. Although I'd still want to stop it protuding past he hands. Maybe I could rig them up in the same fashion as a chainfist - but its been done before as well as lookingltoo legit and imperial !

I was thinking him in combat would involve lots of punching and back handing. I had a little think about Khorne, really having a think about what else could represent it as well as skull sand stuff. I thought, if there was a chaos god that whose followers would use elegant martial arts, then it would be slaanesh. I thought Khornes fighters would be like the biggest drunkest guy in every bar brawl. No elegance or finnesh but hes big and throws himself around using any part of his body or surroundings in the fight.

Hehe, I was just going to really spend ages sculpting on pointed armour plates, bracers, wherever. I was also going to add a flapping tabard as his upper legs will be bare he needs it to cover his modesty ;)

I often think out ideas and project quite carefully, to really try and fit with the image I want with them. This is just an individual piece and wanted to get the ideas off my mind :)


06-02-2006, 12:20
I don't think you should have the upper legs bare, otherwise it's a khorne marine wearing a huge metal armoured swimsuit with matching gloves and boots.

Rabid Bunny 666
06-02-2006, 15:33
that sounds better, the one in the drawing looked like it was dancing a little bit :)

06-02-2006, 16:02
It sounds like you're aiming for some sort of cut-down chunky chain-driven two pronged lightning claws. Good thing! I would envision the chain thingies sticking out a bit ahead of the knuckles, to maybe 1 1/2 finger lengths from the end of the back hand plate.

As for the general spikes, I think "tacked on" spikes might be a good alternative to the organic feel of spiky shoes. You could have lots of barbed spikes either welded onto the armour, or actually bursting out of it perhaps.

Overall, looks like a pretty cool idea...

Rich 123
06-02-2006, 16:48
It's a khorne marine wearing a huge metal armoured swimsuit with matching gloves and boots.

Ooo, put like that he sounds either far more fool hardy than I was looking for - or just a fool :)

One idea I had was the thigh rebars that termies have bent and buckled with some bits of torn metal keeping a proper fully armoured look as he grew to az deamon his over muscled physique burst from it (maybe I was subconciously taking into account the wincy thighs termies have ;))

I think the chain axes should be longer to extend past the fists, just a bit. That way the cutting surface will also face forwards too. There will be fewer armour spikes I think - although in favour of some spiked ridges of his body protruding through the armour as well.

Thanks for your comments, this will be a bit of fun to build, Im looking forward to it :)