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27-01-2010, 10:27
I need all help I can get.

I this list good? (if it is, and does not need improvement, then say so).
Sven, runesword, runeshield, dragon

slaaneshi, slaaneshi chariort, warrior familiar, blasphemous amulet, biting blade.

lvl2, tzeentchian, power familiar , book of secrets , golden eye

nurglic, Infernal puppet, Lvl2

tzeentchian, spell familiar , lvl2

slaaneshi giant

slaaneshi giant

shaggoth, gw

shartaks x 3, gw

5x Khornate knights

5x Slaaneshi Horsmen
flail, mus, la, jav

5x slaaneshi horsemen
flail, mus, la, jav

5x slaaneshi Horsemen
Flail, mus, la, jav

5x slaaneshi Horsemen
Flail, mus, la, jav


Is it good? Please comment.

Penitent Engine
27-01-2010, 11:12
Firstly: Shartaks? :wtf:
That aside, it's not a bad list. If I may make a few suggestions:

Swap the Chaos Runeshield for an item that gives you a Ward save or Regen (Armour of Morrslieb, Golden Eye of Tzeentch [give the sorcerers some dispel scrolls!] or the Crown of Everlasting Conquest).

Take some hounds for screening/redirecting of your Knights. Maybe drop the Shaggoth to afford this, you really need more models on the board.

Give your sorcerers horses!

On another note:
Please fix up your army list formatting!!
For example:
Say *What* your characters are. It can be worked out from deduction, but that is irritating.
Try and avoid abbreviations (mus, la, jav, etc). Again, annoying.
Include points values so that readers can give an accurate suggestion on what to keep/remove.
Try and keep listings in a similar system to the army lists. Helps to reduce confusion and makes your post more readable.

Doing these things will probably get more responses to your post as people won't be put off by its appearance :)

27-01-2010, 14:23
Your dragon rider is woefully unprotected.

Refer to this thread around the middle of the page.

Otherwise you have very few models and if your opponent bring multi-wound weapons you're going to be in trouble. The target saturation may help.