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28-01-2010, 22:17
Just started playing afew weeks ago, so forgive my ignorance if there are cut and dry awnsers to these two questions.

1) I have a chariot charge into a skirmishing unit, which has a supporting unit of knights behind and to the side as shown -
C = Cold one knights
X = Skirmishers
CH = Chariot

.....X X X X X


And I declare a charge on the skirmishers, who choose the flee reaction, Can I then utilize my single pivot (as monster/chariot charges) to pursure the skirmishers to the right, which would end up as "an enemy in the way" and charge into the Cold Ones. Or do I have to continue to the nearest skirmisher or a straight line (as over run), even though the distance rolled to flee is well beyond my reach?

2) A unit that is armed with Great weapons wipes out an opponents unit and overruns into a new target - swings will happen the following combat phase. However your opponent charges your unit armed with GWs with a unit of his own armed with AHWs - who strikes first? No one has ASF. In that case do you count charging as overwriting the strikes last of GWs and go off I, or does your opponent strike first because of your GWs striking last rule?

Nurgling Chieftain
28-01-2010, 22:46
1) There's no tactical wheeling/pivoting if you don't reach your target. Per the diagram, the chariot will have to go straight forward and miss the knights.

28-01-2010, 22:47
1. Skirmishers flee in the direction the nearest skirmisher to the charging enemy flees in.
So assuming that diagram is correct, you probably wont get an enemy in the way unless you clip the knights. You charge towards that nearest skirmisher.

2. When you overrun you count as charging for the next combat phase. Even if the next combat phase is in your opponents turn.
When 2 models who count as charging run into each other, you strike in initiutive order(great weapons dont strike last when charging remember). Roll off if equal.
So potentially, your great weapon armed troops will go before the troops that charged them this turn.

29-01-2010, 14:30
Most of that makes sense to me. In the above diagram the chariot is facing straight up. So if the chariots facing is centered to the cold ones, and a charge is declared at the skirmishers, and they flee...would that change the outcome at all?

The GW question had to be asked becuase where I found that ASF overwrites the strikes last of GWs, I couldnt find anything along the same lines with charging.

Appreciate the assist guys.

29-01-2010, 19:12
Not really... the Chariot charges the closest model...